The Surprising Similarities of Itadori and His Guru Nanami

The following contains spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 120 “The Shibuya Incident, Part 38” by Geese Akutami, John Vary and Snir Aharon, now available in English through Vis Media.

Nanami Kento and Itadori Yuji have developed a close mentor/student bond within Jujutsu Kaisen, Since their first meeting, Nanami has been a foundational force for the optimistic but often confused Itadori, helping teens develop their skills with an expert and empathetic hand.

Nanami is a critically-thinking and intellectual ex-salary, so first appearances suggest that the adult can contend with Itadori’s innocent light-heartedness. While Nanami initially seems indifferent to Yuji, even giving her the cold shoulder, the similarities between the two quickly become visible.

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When looking at different aspects of Nanami and Itadori’s characters and interactions Jujutsu KaisenIt is clear that the two have a very close relationship. While Gojo Satoru was originally supposed to take Itadori under his wing, campaigning against higher-ups of jujutsu society to postpone his execution, the strongest sorcerer eventually put his pride aside and Itadori He was introduced to Nanami.

Gojo decided to give Itadori most of the adult magicians as a mentor, as he believed that his own teaching style would not be suited to the boy’s needs. Therefore, Nanami played an official role in Itadori’s life. From there, the emotional connection between the two grew stronger, even as Nanami learned a thing or two from her teenage student.

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Itadori and Nanami have rival sympathies in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Probably the most defining characteristic for Itadori and Nanami is their empathy, both as people and as jujutsu magicians. from the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen, Itadori’s main motivation is to give a proper death to those around him. Any death he believes to be wrong or meaningless is taken very personally – even if he does not know the victim.

Like Itadori, Nanami’s inspiration was connected to the people, but his journey followed a different structure. He left the world of jujutsu sorcery to work as a salaried man, changing his career because he could not handle the constant loss. He left because of people’s struggles but came back because he knew that many people were needed. Nanami doesn’t necessarily enjoy the work he returned to, but saving people for him gives his life more meaning than mundane office work.

Nanami also prioritizes Itadori’s care, as he knows the cruelty of life as a jujutsu magician. As an adult, he feels the need to protect Itadori and seems to be one of the few characters who recognize that he is just a child. For someone whose main motivation is giving a proper death, Itadori is afraid of killing people, and Nanami believes it will hurt him emotionally as well. He sees his sympathy in Itadori and wants to protect her in a way he himself never was.

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Itadori and Nanami both use physical attacks.

Unlike jujutsu wizards who were born with strong cursed techniques, such as Megumi or Gojo, Nanami and Itadori’s attacks are based on their physical strength. Grade 1 Nanami’s technique creates a weak spot on his opponent, allowing him to inflict significant damage on curses – even those stronger than him.

Meanwhile, Itadori’s technique focuses on squeezing cursed energy into his fist, so he inflicts damage with physical strength and cursed energy when he strikes an opponent. As a magician with a physical attack, Nanami recognized Itadori’s strengths and knew how to unlock his potential.

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Itadori and Nanami Kokusen are tied for the record

Kokusen, or Black Flash, is a jujutsu technique that is so difficult to land that it is said that it cannot be used at will. However, Itadori seems to use the technique with ease; He appears to have been able to use the kokusen at will, when it was considered impossible.

Before Itadori naturally grasped the concept, Nanami was the world record holder for most consecutive Black Flashes. Both have the physical prowess to use such a difficult technique, and matched Nanami’s record, after four consecutive Black Flash attacks in Itadori’s “Goodwill Event” arc.

With all the similarities between Nanami and Itadori, it is possible that Itadori would eventually replace Nanami after the latter’s death. Nanami was trying to protect Itadori until his last moments. Jujutsu Kaisen, choosing your last words with accuracy. Just before his death, Nanami tells the teen, “You got it from here,” a message Itadori takes to heart. He promises to bear the suffering of Nanami’s part, and the audience is also well aware that Itadori Yuji is not a promise breaker.


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