The Rising of the Shield Hero Band Picks the Season Two High Point

With popular series like Sword Art Online, Overlord, and Jobless Reincarnation, as just a few examples, the Isekai subgenre has grown significantly within the anime community. The Rising of the Shield Hero, which follows a young warrior taken from his ordinary existence while confronting a special uphill battle in defending a magical world, is one of the most popular Isekai that recently returned for its second season.

The band MADKID contributed to the series opening theme, which is still widely recognized in the anime world. The band selected one particular moment from Season Two to represent their favorite:

“The moment when Naofumi stands up with the leaders of each nation is unquestionably the high point. It was so lovely to witness since it represented how he is starting to be embraced by everyone.”

When it came to creating themes for these fresh adventures of Naofumi and his gang of intrepid travelers, The Rising of the Shield Hero’s composer, Kevin Penkin, had the following to say about the music for this second season:

“I really wanted to supervise one of those tunes for season two because there is typically something that one might describe as a club banger. The OST for the program, “Gemini,” served as that. Although the song’s vocal arrangement is highly challenging, how it was performed was extremely crucial. As a challenge, its singers almost completely encircle the orchestra. I wrote the lyrics as well. That was difficult for me because I don’t usually do well with that.”

The third season has already been confirmed and will continue adapting the story of Naofumi from the light novel series that gave rise to the Shield Hero and the world that took some time to realize that he was the monster that he had been made out to be. Season Two is still going on, but the third season has already been confirmed.


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