The Raven of the Inner Palace Is Perfect for Jonah of the Dawn Fans

it’s been seven years Jonah of the Dawn With the past airing, and the abundance of untapped source material, fans are still eagerly anticipating another season. While there is no word yet on the second season, Jonah of the Dawn Fans can spend their time with the historical fantasy of fall 2022 Raven of the Inner Palacealso known as Koukyu no Karasu,

Raven of the Inner Palace There is an anime adaptation of a light novel series of the same name. Written by Kuko Shirakawa and illustrated by Ayuko, the light novel series has seven volumes that ran from 2018–2022. The setting is inspired by historical China, and while the . fantasy setting of Jonah of the Dawn Takes its inspiration from Korea instead of China, fans will enjoy seeing how Raven of the Inner Palace Combines magic and intrigue with its setting to create a historical fantasy Jonah of the Dawn,

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Raven’s Complex of the Inner Palace

Raven of the Inner Palace The anime will revolve around Ryu Jusetsu, who serves as a special wife known as the Raven Consort. Living in a dark room in the inner palace, Ryu serves the emperor as a wife normally, never even entering his bedroom. In fact, no one knows what she looks like. Rumors swirl around the identity, appearance and role of the Raven Consort, with many believing her to be an elderly woman or a young girl.

Other rumors speak of Ryuu’s ability to wield magic. According to these rumours, Raven grants consort requests and uses her magic to fulfill them – which can include anything from cursing to exorcism or finding lost items. When the current Emperor, Ka Kaushun, visits himself to request the Raven Consort, their fateful meeting will shake history.

whereas Jonah of the Dawn The shojo incorporates the humor indicator of the series, Raven of the Inner Palace Looks like a solid play. Although, Jonah Fans will appreciate the lore, complex characters, and beautiful fantasy elements that are woven into Raven of the Inner PalaceHistory inspired setting. Those who love court drama, black magic and plots full of intrigue and suspense have a lot to look forward to with this upcoming anime. Based on the light novel’s stunning art and the trailer’s elegant animation, Raven of the Inner Palace It will look beautiful too.

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Where to See the Raven of the Inner Palace

Part of the Fall 2022 anime lineup, fans eager for this series may not have much time to wait. It starts on October 1st and continues every Saturday on Crunchyroll. It is not yet certain how many episodes it will run for, but viewers can expect at least 12. In the meantime, those excited about the series can read volume seven of Kuko Shirakawa and Ayuko’s original light novel series or watch Shirakawa’s earlier story. Chain, Ak hime no omeshibito.

With some exciting returning series and several new series in the Fall 2022 lineup, the upcoming season is sure to be epic. Raven of the Inner Palace The lineup stands out as a historical fantasy series, so fans of the genre and anime love it. Jonah of the Dawn Definitely wouldn’t want to miss it. Based on the details so far, it is sure to be a captivating watch full of magic, drama and intrigue.


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