the main couple prepare for the final shogi fight

When will Ayumu make his move? The Summer 2022 season is a catchy rom-com anime title, and as of now, both Tanaka Ayumu and Yaotome Urush are gearing up for their endgame. They both love the game of shogi, and in the game of love, meanwhile, most of the pieces are in place. For them shogi and love are one and the same.

At first, Ayumu was in a cage with Urushi, hiding his true feelings for her and refusing to confess his love until he could substantially beat Urushi in a shogi game. As of episode 11, Ayumu ups his game on the Shogi board and in his heart, which means ayumu The anime is set to go out with a bang and establish itself as one of the better rom-coms of 2022.

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In episode 11, Ayumu and Urushi spend three days apart, with Urushi and the others going on a class trip to Nara and other tourist-heavy places in the third year. However, even though they are separated, Urushi and Ayumu can only think about each other, and many of their friends notice. episode 11 proves ayumu One of the most romantic, wholesome and plot-heavy of anime yet, condensing everything that makes up this anime into 22 minutes. ayumu The anime had some filler episodes such as the mall tour, but by episode 11, there isn’t much more time to waste. Kudare Ayumu finally feels ready to make his biggest, best move in the game of shogi board and love, and Urushi, despite the sudden shame, feels ready for some serious romance. However, he may need a little push at first.

In episode 11, Ayumu works hard to study and practice Shogi theory so he can defeat Urushi and make his long-awaited love confession on his own terms, with his kendo-boyfriends enlisting his support. With friend Rin. Rin once had a crush on Ayumu, but she already withdrew for Urushi’s sake and now serves as Ayumu’s loyal wingwoman. Meanwhile, Urushi’s friends, such as Dereder Maki, eagerly push Urushi towards her romantic endgame, which involves visiting every tourist attraction they love. Finally, on the final night of the journey, Maki and the other girls prepare Urushi for her big night out with Ayumu, and the episode ends on a cliff. Urushi and Ayumu are supposed to chat on the phone and play long-distance shogi, and the results could have a lasting impact on their relationship for months or years to come. ayumu Anime has wowed its fans like never before, and it comes in time.

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it is too early to say whether ayumu The anime will stick to Landing as a quality rom-com anime series, but based on the plot-heavy events of Episode 11, it looks promising. There is just one episode left, and the upcoming episode 12 is all set to make or break Ayumu and Urushi’s relationship. Since this is a comedy romance series, it is possible that the anime destroys this big confession scene and humorously returns both Ayumu and Urushi to square one, “Oops! Will these kids ever confess their love or not? No? Who knows!” A lot of anime series do this, but by now, many viewers are tired of rom-coms that endlessly spin their wheels to pull off the story, nisekoi Being a notorious example. Every shogi game has to end.

already, ayumu Anime is a good example to follow: Spring 2022 Rom-Com ahren-san is indecent, The series also featured a high school boy and girl who take a liking to each other, and the male lead Raido Tanaka is a total kudere like Ayumu. The most important thing, ahren-sano The anime ended with a bang, with Raido and Ahren professing their Kudere-style love interest and hosting a party with all their friends to end the show on a high note. It was a relatively rare example of a one-season rom-com anime actually delivering some serious payoff at the end, and if ayumu Anime is smart, it will do the same thing. Episode 11 offers the perfect setup, but if Ayumu or Urushi falters from this, the anime could end on a weak, open-ended note, and it would be a real waste. It’s time for romantic checkmate.


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