The latest chapter of MHA brings Shigaraki face-to-face with Daiku again

My Hero Academia Chapter 366 brings Shigaraki face to face with his oldest adversary, but how did he get to the UA so quickly?

The following contains major spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 366, “Full Moon” by Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, now available in English from Viz Media.

While many other heroes are fighting for their hearts on the front lines, My Hero AcademiaThe main character, Midoriya Izuku, has been notably absent from the action for quite some time. It’s unheard of for the main character of a story to disappear from its climactic battle, but Deku has finally completed his Odyssey for Yue. As welcome as his return is, one can’t help but raise a very important question: How did he become a battleground floating around the school campus so quickly?

Deku’s absence from UA in the first place was due to an unfortunate moment of quick thinking by Himiko Toga. While entering a warp gate as part of the heroes’ plan to split and conquer All For One minions, she managed to hook Deku with her new support item by dragging her through the gate with her. As a result, Deku was moved to Okutu Island – far away from UA High School, where he was to face Tomura Shigaraki along with the rest of the UA team.

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Deku returns to UA faster than expected for some mysterious allies

Deku fled to Okutu Island as soon as he was able, believing that Tsuyu Asui and Uraraka would take over Ochako Toga. He set at top speed, combining his float and Fa-jin quirks with intermittent bursts of shoot style to get to Yue as quickly as possible. However, Deku Yue was nowhere near in his last appearance. In fact, the first user of One For All had to step in and remind Deku not to overwork himself, as the journey ahead of him was still long and he was on his way to his most dangerous fight yet. was.

Before the story departed from his point of view, Deku noticed some strange aerial figures in his direction. Whether they were friends or foes, I don’t know, but home Ministry The dilemma is resolved in Chapter 366. When he made his grand re-entry in the UA, the same figures could be seen in the background. Those planes were clearly allies and allowed Deku to travel with/on them, explaining how he got to the battlefield earlier than the heroes expected – but who could those pilots be?

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How will Deku react when he sees Bakugo’s current state?

Deku’s air escort is most likely the same pilot who escorted Star and Stripe on their flight from America and aided the protagonist in his fight against Shigaraki. They have already proved invaluable to the heroes’ endeavor by sharing the information they gain from their first encounter on Shigaraki, but these brave pilots prepare to face the villains once again. If nothing else, they will be able to transport those on the UA to safety as Shigaraki’s stampede is slowly but surely undermining the integrity of the structure.

Deku’s arrival in the UA was highly anticipated as Toga stole him before, but even more so now the battle has taken several turns. He is smack in the middle of Edgeshot’s attempt to revive Bakugo Katsuki and as Shigaraki has transformed into his most durable form yet. Bakugo’s lifeless body is sure to elicit an extreme reaction from Daiku if his previous reactions are anything to go by, and Shigaraki makes himself the ultimate punching bag. as impossible as it seems, My Hero AcademiaThe final arc of is kicking up another notch.


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