The Japanese don’t ‘kick off with the yang’

The following contains spoilers for RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 12, “Best Day,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

RWBY: Ice Queendome Its series finale aired on 18 September with a big bang. The episode not only wraps up the main story in a way that feels satisfying for Weiss Schnee’s character development, but it also successfully transitions into RWBY Volume. 2 by copying the iconic food fight scene that kick-started that volume. Of course, this is not true in the events of Vol. 2 straight. , since the whole point of ice queendom Weiss’ characterization, the series finale begins by addressing what he learned from his experiences within the scene of his dreams.

Weiss arrives at Beacon Academy with the need to prove herself to her older sister, Winter, before a nightmare Grimm can have. She also reached out to her father, Jacques, with a lifetime of unhealed trauma and inner anger. After surviving the nightmare Grimm, Weiss begins to change his attitude toward his teammates and become more respectful towards them, leading to the food fight scene at the end of the episode. As this scene also marks the start of a new semester for the students at Beacon Academy, RWBY: Ice Queendome Episode 12, “Best Day,” naturally draws its influence on Yang Xiao Long’s iconic line from the main series. Interestingly, this results in significant changes that do not translate well to English.

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From the original version of “Best Day Ever” RWBY Volume. 2, Blake Belladonna is seen reviewing her notes from the previous semester, which prompts Yang to ask her, “Whatcha doing?” In both English and Japanese. When Blake describes the contents of his notebook, Yang basically responds with “lame” in English and “sounds boring” in Japanese. Blake’s dialogue remains roughly the same ice queendom version, though Yang’s “Whatcha Doing?” Made more bubbly. Another thing that changes is Yang’s response to Blake’s answer to his own question.

Instead of her more casual “boring sound” line from the original Japanese dub, Yang (in a bubbly voice) is rewritten to ask Blake if she – as a bookworm – has written her own narrative. , which the latter denies. She then teases him about letting him “ever read it”, which makes Blake even more nervous. From there, the members of Team JNPR begin throwing food at Yang, which leads to major changes in the sequence. ice queendom — especially for Ruby’s dialogue and especially Yang’s iconic line.

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Soon after Yang “accepted” Team JNPR’s “challenge” to basically hold food in his mouth. RWBY In the episode, Ruby arrives with a large binder to tell her teammates about her plans for the new semester. In the original English version, after a brief introduction, Ruby ends with, “I’m talking about kicking off the semester with a bang!” In the original Japanese dub of the episode, Ruby’s line was translated as “Mausugu shingakki ga Hajimaru desh! Yatta ne!” as has been done. It is translated as “The new semester is starting soon! Yay!”

Taking advantage of the opportunity to make up a sentence of his own, Yang responded to Ruby’s introduction to the original English version with her iconic line, “I always kick off my semester with a Yang! Eh? Guys? What? am I right?” As a result Nora throws an apple in his face. In the original Japanese dub, Yang’s line is translated as “So da yo! Iyoyo Shingakki ga Hajimaru ne! Yan! Do? ‘yan’? yana dakeni-“, which translates to “That’s right! Starting the new semester.” Happening! Yay! How about it? ‘Yeah?’ Just yes-” And then she cuts off. Although the Japanese translation repeats the same joke, it also reveals an entirely different word.

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The joke in the original Japanese dub is that Ruby “yatta ne!” makes use of. To express our excitement for the new semester commencing. Since “yatta ne!” In this context “Yay!” It’s like saying. In English, the Japanese dub validates Yang Ruby’s enthusiasm with another version of the same expression. In this case, that “Yanya!” is pronouncing the word. Since its pronunciation is similar to its own name (“yan”) in Japanese. updated version in RWBY: Ice Queendome Modifies Ruby’s original dialogue, but still uses her “yatta ne!” ends with saying. To facilitate Yang’s bad sentence. From there, Yang exclaims in a more sarcastic tone “Ashita kara shingakki da nante! Yan! Yana Dakeni! ‘Yan!’ Do? Omoshiroku Barber?”

In English, Yang’s line translates to “It’s tomorrow’s new semester! Yay! Just yay! What do you think? Isn’t that weird?”, at which point, Nora throws the apple on her head. Although the word Punished is still the same as the Japanese dub, the new version of the joke also features a different tone from the original. In this case, Yang is showing enthusiasm to discuss plans related to the school. Furthermore, she looks to Blake to validate her joke, only to admit that Blake isn’t laughing. Although these changes to the Japanese line add an extra layer of humor ice queendomUnfortunately, English subtitles don’t capture this.

Referring to the original English version, Yang’s updated line in the subtitle is translated as, “I always start my semesters with Yang! A Yang, guys! A Yang! Eh? Guys. ? Am I right?” While it is understandable that the American RWBY The makers want to keep the original joke intact (especially in the upcoming English dub), plus, by not translating the last two lines correctly, the updated joke fails to stick the landing. As such, fans completely miss Yang specifically demanding validation of Blake’s own joke, only to jokingly admit defeat when Blake doesn’t find her joke funny.


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