The first tournament arc establishes a strong story

Morikawa. uses the first part of Hajime no Ippo To gradually establish Makunouchi Ippo’s unshakable stupidity and charm. The pacing may be a deterrent in this early part, but it lays the necessary groundwork for Ippo’s character to allow the distinctive emotional and story notes to feel earned. After a crash course in boxing and initiation into the ring, Hajime no Ippo East Japan hits its stride with the Rookie King tournament.

Built as a route toward Ippo and his rival Miyata’s first proper match, this tournament arc sets down a rocky and challenging path that effectively refines Ippo’s boxing talents. Throughout the bracket of bouts, Morikawa sets in motion several recurring elements while hooking the audience properly. The tension and pressure created during this tournament is felt because this institution Hajime no Ippo‘s might.

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Mutual respect born of powerful punches

Before Ippo’s first tournament bout, anxiety and his impressive rival Jason Ozuma add to the pressure. During the pre-match weigh-in, Ippo observes Ozuma’s extreme musculature and realizes that his reliance on physical strength may not be enough to eliminate this opponent. However, before the intimidation settles down, Ozuma and Ippo meet, leading to an instant connection.

Ozuma turned out to be similar to Ippo in his natural hard-punching style and generally friendly or timid disposition. They develop mutual respect before and during their match, allowing them to put all their power into their punches without harboring any grudge against each other. His game turns into a total slugfest as his part flies over and over again until Ippo Lands strikes Ozuma on one of his absurd bodies, slowing him down considerably.

After this tough competition, Ozuma hopes their bond grows and encourages Ippo’s path to success in the tournament. As the series progresses, Ippo develops deep connections with other antagonists who bond with his strange but genuine personality. Many of these characters play important roles throughout Hajime no Ippo, Ippo’s core friends have become a mainstay in the group and are constantly highlighting their boxing matches.

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Exhaustion and Knock-Out Excitement

Coming out of an extremely painful bout, Ippo learns that his next opponent is the spotless Kobashi Kenta, in contrast to Ozuma’s impressive presence. Kenta has a habit of being underestimated, which works in his favor. As a technical boxer, his prowess allowed him to win through points at the end of the match as opposed to knock-out. Like Kenta’s style, the fighting style and approach of boxing against Ippo helps challenge and refine his skills throughout the series.

Ippo’s match with Kenta challenges Ippo’s patience, endurance and boxing perception. While Kenta’s strength isn’t close to that of Ippo, he can control the match by avoiding and controlling Ippo’s movements to slowly knock him down while scoring points through rapid but powerless punches. To his surprise, Ippo almost lost the match, unable to hit a solid punch on Kenta.

Finally, the excitement of a knock-out punch prompts Kenta to abandon the defense approach in favor of an offensive effort as the thrill of landing a heavy punch on Ippo is felt. Unfortunately, the joy of the game costs Kenta the match, as Ippo can land one of his strong strikes, rendering Kenta useless. After overcoming an opposite style through persistence and positivity, Ippo gains another fan following in Kenta. As the series progresses, Ippo moves into more contrasting styles that present much more substantial challenges than Kenta.

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Overcoming the Weight of a Talent and Expectation

While the last two bouts kept audience expectations minimal, Ippo’s third challenge is to overcome a prodigious boxer and his immense popularity, which is manifested through vigorous fan support. Ryuchi Hayami is predicted to be a finalist in the tournament along with the other prodigy, Miyata. Ippo enters the fight with enormous pressure on him as the crowd mocks him in support of Hayami, and all the publications shine on him as the prodigy is considered the clear winner.

Earning his mark as a genius, Hayami delivers an intense challenge with impressive punches that control his distance from Ippo. However, against all expectations, Ippo could drop a monstrous blow through the defense, knocking out Hayami in the first round. Displaying an ungodly strength and defying all odds, Ippo quickly makes it to the finals.

As a goofy fisherman with a shy personality, Ippo has been underestimated throughout his career. Racing as a fan favorite or local hero brings loads of hostile mobs on top of challenging opponents. Defying expectations and impressing the masses with a level of power rarely seen even in the world of boxing, the series has an ongoing look. Even outside the ring, whether in a display of strength or sparse, Ippo’s power makes everyone intimidated and interested.

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redirecting energy to the executor

Diverting expectations, Miyata loses her semi-final match, so the terrifying Mashiba goes to the Rio finals, becoming Ippo’s final boss. While Miyata rivals Ippo’s style through his approach to punching, Mashiba rivals Ippo’s true nature and sportsmanship. While Ippo feels hopeless because he won’t be able to match his intended match with Miyata, he can quickly channel his emotions into avenging his friendly rival and winning the tournament.

Previous challenges have involved talented boxers, but none quite like Mashiba. His desire to win at any cost, including being a backhand, is challenging enough for Ippo, but Mashiba is also a formidable presence with impressive boxing skills. Plus, Mashiba’s uncanny reach and treacherous flicker make him a formidable obstacle to take down little Ippo.

Their match is impressive, violent, and frightening as Ippo’s drive to win takes over, temporarily saving her and scaring Mashiba. Taking a hard win at the cost of a serious injury, Ippo began his difficult path of new and recurring losses, hindering his steady progress. Mashiba and Ippo’s match is the show’s most pivotal moment at the moment, turning expectations and subjecting Ippo to his most vicious challenge ever.

Sports and shonen anime thrive in tournament settings, which allow for plenty of character introductions and great moments created in the heat of battle. Hajime no IppoThe first tournament in the U.S. leverages its formula by establishing motifs of befriending opponents, subverting expectations, and clashing of opposing styles. Consumers are rewarded with increased storytelling and impactful action Hajime no Ippo‘s Slow opening arc.


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