The biggest unanswered questions since the end of the anime

my isekai life The Summer 2022 anime season had a new Isekai anime title, starring the fierce Beast Tamer/sage hero Yuji in his adventures in this fictional realm. for the most part, my isekai life It was a very traditional and straightforward Iskai Journey with some “Monster of the Week” elements, but it had a few minor twists.

my isekai life The apocalypse ended on a high note with Rishi’s defeat, but some pending questions weighed on Yuji and my isekai life audience alike. This anime was a nerd, hiding many tantric secrets about this world, how Yuji got there and how he could leave, assuming he could too. If my isekai life Returning for a second season someday, some of these burning questions need to be answered.

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Will Yuji ever be able to find his true purpose in this Isekai realm?

first season of my isekai life clearly shown What Yuji Can Do But Not Necessary Why? He can do this. All meaningful heroes in fiction have clearly defined goals or motivations, and the same applies to Isakai anime. Rimuru Tempest aims to create a tolerant nation of demons, while Naofumi Iwatani attempts to save the world and then return home in one piece. Although, my isekai lifeYuji just wanders around, fighting villains and saving lives as he goes. If he cannot or cannot return to his old life, then he needs something to live in this world beyond the exercise of his powers, and the sky is the limit. With his creativity, powers, relationships, and prestige, Yuji could create any life he wanted, such as establishing his own guild or becoming the head of a city. No matter his magical power, Yuji will remain incomplete until he finds a purpose in life that speaks to him.

Will Yuji return to his office life in Japan, and how?

In many Isekai anime, a trip to a new world is a one-way journey, as in the case of Rimuru Tempest, Azusa Aizawa, and Leon Bartfort, among other characters. However, some Isekai titles tease the possibility of the protagonist returning home under the right circumstances, and this may apply to Yuji. He is convinced that he can somehow return to his old life in Japan and resume his labor-intensive office job there, but it is not yet clear whether Yuji can do so, or why. would like to do The anime didn’t give any indication that Yuji could possibly return home, especially since he doesn’t have a reincarnation goddess to talk about, like in Melfina. black summoner, The anime doesn’t even fully explain why Yuji wants to abandon this thrilling escapism adventure in favor of a thankless, back-breaking office job, but a second season could happen. Fans can only guess what is going through Yuji’s mind.

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Was UG called on purpose?

Even Yuji’s arrival in this fictional realm is shrouded in mystery, and Isekai fans will want to know how and why Yuji found himself in this new world. Based on similar IceKai titles, there are a few specific possibilities, some of which could have huge implications for my isekai lifeoverall plot. Yuji’s coming into this realm may have been an outright accident, but it could also have been intentional. Some isekai heroes are called consciously, usually to serve as protectors of the peace or as dogs of war. Naofumi and the other three cardinal heroes were called upon by Melromark’s court magicians to fight the waves, for example, while a priest. black summoner Something similar happened when he called Toya’s party. Perhaps an unknown party summons Yuji to adopt the cult of the Blue Moon and prevent the apocalypse. If someone called Yuji here on purpose, Yuji could potentially meet him in Season 2 and get some insight.

When will the Blue Moon Cult strike again?

The Blue Moon cult proved to be Yuji’s worst enemy, with members of the cult challenging him directly and indirectly throughout the anime, including the final battle with Walter and the mighty sage he summoned. However, even after Walter and Sage are dead and gone, the threat of the Blue Moon remains, as shown in some ominous, open-ended scenes in episode 12. Some highly placed members of the cult are plotting their revenge, and no one, not even Yuji himself, knows how and when they will attack next. Yuji can’t rest; It looks like these cultists have a black dragon ace up their sleeve, and this may be just the beginning. If my isekai life There’s a second season with monster-of-the-week episodes Yuji can face all kinds of evil Dungeons & Dragons-Style creatures, wizards and more. It seems that the fight has just begun, but how it will end in the end, no one has any idea.


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