The Bastard Magic Instructor’s Akashic Record Is Perfect for Any Fantasy Lover’s Watchlist

Celestial Record of Bastard Magic Instructor There’s pure fan service for the younger audience, especially for those who love a little bit of everything thrown into the mix. sky record It is based on a Japanese light novel of the same name, and the anime adaptation first aired back in 2017. The series is packed with material including magical school tropes, a dash of harem romance, and action sequences. sky record Everything is what makes it a highly recommended fantasy anime, but like many others, this anime also met a fate that many feared – being overlooked.

While the reason why anime is ignored is something that can be hard to explain, anime that fall prey to it have a right to showcase their best qualities to anime fans. since Celestial Record of Bastard Magic Instructor Easily available on Netflix, so anime fans should give it a try now.

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Akashik Records delivers the perfect blend of fantasy and romance

Fantasy and romance are two ideal elements to make any story stand out. Anime fans have seen many iskai and traditional fantasy series such as The Rising of the Shield Hero, the devil is a part-timerAnd many more, who have played well with these ideas.

Similarly, sky record Happens in a fantasy world where magic is common, and talented people go to special schools to master their magical abilities. also gives show off ice queendom vibes, but the wizards here are nowhere near as powerful as Ruby and the gang. sky record The beginning is strong, but some viewers may find the plot a bit overcrowded. But if the viewers can survive the first episode then all is well.

The story is simple and entertaining

The story is not unique or out of this world. sky record There is a melting pot of story arcs going on at the same time. It begins with an unemployed magician who used to be in the special forces, but is now engaged in teaching young magicians. His attitude isn’t his best feature, and he can be a little clingy, too.

Glenn Radar is perceived by female lead Sistine Fiebel as incompetent and lazy, who wants to learn from the best. The school soon learns that there is more to Glenn than meets the eye, as he is capable of more than enough to be just a teacher. Thus begins a chain of events that puts Glenn, Sistine and their friends in the path of danger, forced marriage, and potential romance.

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Action and magical elements are commendable

sky record Connectivity may be lacking and makes for a juggling act with its story structure, but it makes up for its lack with crisp visuals and powerful action sequences. Magic fights are every fantasy lover’s dream, and anime, thankfully, doesn’t hold back.

There is a focus on the magic system, clever humor and character development present throughout the series. While it isn’t the “best” fantasy/romance anime, it is far from “skippable”. The tone of the show is light, carefree and pleasant, giving the show a lot of potential.


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