The 15 Best Scythe Users in Anime, Ranked

There are a lot of anime that are more pacifist in nature and don’t have fierce battles and incredible and magical weapons. However, those who occasionally exhibit some inspired devices of destruction.

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Scythes are often weapons that are associated with death and grim reapers, but they are surprisingly popular in anime and feature some very powerful individuals who prefer to wield giant-bladed scythes as their weapon of choice. Many people in anime understand how deadly a scythe can be.

Updated by Daniel Kurland on September 15, 2022: Anime is still one of the best places to experience over-the-top action sequences. Many characters prefer to settle dramatic fights through the release of fists or deadly energy blasts. However, there is still something to be said about the personal nature of the Blade which requires close-knit combat to execute. Siths can seem extreme in some circumstances, but they are surprisingly plentiful in anime. Some of these larger blades are just for show, but most of the time Behind the Weapon is a Deadly, Skillful Person,

15 The Dead Master of Black Rock Shooter turns his scythe into a fashion statement

Black Rock Shooter is a fascinating alien war fiction that shares a lot in common with other sci-fi/action series. But between its two anime series and the OVA installment, black Rock Shooter differentiates itself from its peers through its incredible character designs, fluid action choreography, and inventive spins on weapons.

This is perhaps most evident in one of the anime’s central villains, the Dead Master, who basically incorporates his scythe into his bone-based armor. It’s a strong combination of style and strength that immediately sets up this character’s vile intentions.

14 Gate’s Giselle is a dragon girl with godly blade abilities

gate is a fantasy-action anime where Tokyo is changed forever after a mysterious gate appears and begins to release a myriad of imaginary monsters and warriors. gate It involves a captivating mix of fantasy and grounded warriors, with Giselle falling firmly into the former’s camp.

Giselle is a humanoid dragon girl, one of the strongest characters in gate Because of his respected status as one of the Twelve Apostles. Giselle is excellent with a scythe, but she can also tame dragons (and pilot a large warship), which often prove themselves to be equally important skills.

13 Black Clover’s Jack the Ripper Uses Slash Magic to Generate Powerful Death Scythe

Jack the Ripper is a notorious serial killer who terrorized London in the late 1800s. This terrifying killer has strangely turned into a popular figure in anime, and black clover It is one of several series to offer its own genre-heavy interpretation of the character.

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black clover Jack the Ripper is the captain of the Green Mantis Squad, who uses lethal slash magic as his signature ability. Slash appears in the form of Magic Death Scythe, a giant blade forged through mana. The Death Scythe also continually adapts its bite ability depending on the opponent’s spell.

12 The Hidden Naruto Shippuden A Triple-Bladed Scythe Blessed by the Dark Gods

Naruto Shippuden The shonen is a satisfying expansion of the theatrics of the original series, and includes some particularly explosive ninja showdowns. hidden is one shippuden The villain who doesn’t get enough attention, seeing as he manages to attain immortality thanks to an ancient, evil god named Jashin.

Hidden is pure evil in the sense that its only goal is to claim as many lives as possible and thrive on that pain. Hide begins to make weapons from his bones, among which is a supreme scythe who sports three terrifying blades.

1 1 Goku Black’s Sickle of Sorrow is a top mortal exterminator

The rich shonen world of Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball For nearly forty years Superpower has been entertaining its audience with battle theatrics. dragon ball super, The latest series in the franchise features more daring villains than ever before, one of whom is also an evil duplicate of the series’ protagonist, Goku.

Goku Black acts as Future Zamasu’s partner in crime in an elaborate plan to wipe out all mortals from existence. Super Saiyan Rose Goku is a formidable weapon made from the Black God Key which he foreshadows the Sickle of Sorrow. This scythe option is almost enough to take out Super Saiyan Blue Veggies.

10 Hakka’s Testament Has More Weapons Than He Can Handle

the world God Only Knows It initially unfolds as an iskai series with heavy harem influences. but the world God Only Knows Introduces fun characters and Hakka Do Lot Herminium is a welcome change of pace when it comes to those who swing by.

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Hakka is a brilliant overachiever and his scythe of testament is the result of his high intelligence, but the world God Only Knows Translating Hakka’s book smarts into her real-world experience doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of fun with it. It takes time for Hakka to find his groove with this new weapon.

9 Celty Sturluson Durarara has a chronological nightmare with a big blade!!

Durara!! A very dense anime series that creates a complex community with a rich underbelly of crime and dangerous men roaming the streets. Celty Sturluson, also known as Black Rider, is one of anime’s most iconic characters and an inspired modern take on the Headless Horseman legend.

Celty searches for her missing head as she roams the streets on an ultra-cool motorcycle, but she also has a stylish scythe that makes sure she doesn’t face any unnecessary trouble. Celty isn’t an overpowering character, but he makes such a fascinating scene.

8 Shuhei Hisagi’s spirit bites the Zanpakuto in bleach, which gives a deadly makeover.

bleachThe anime gets a little messy, but it still tells a powerful story with some incredible action sequences. bleach Filled with Soul Reapers and various Shinigami who wield scythes or comparable weapons. Shuhei Hisagi stands out because he always tries to avoid conflict and leaves violence as a last resort.

That being said, Gotei 13 Lt can do some serious damage when his Zanpakuto is uncovered. Hisagi’s unsealed weapon takes the form of two scythes that are linked together by means of chains, which makes it even more dangerous and versatile than a standard blade.

7 Maka Albarn shows the true embodiment of Blade in Soul Eater

It would be hard to talk about the most skilled scythe-wielders in anime without touching soul EaterWhich heavily featured the weapon and focused on the next generation of Reapers. soul Eater There is variation in how weapons are also human companions and so the bond between the weapon and the wielder becomes much more intimate and important.

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At the center of it all are Maca Albarn and her scythe, Sol Evans. Maka begins with a strong belief in his weapon and his mastery of the blade becomes more impressive over time.

6 The Seraph of the End in Shino Hiragi’s Scythe Contains a Deadly Demon

Set in a post-apocalyptic version of the world where a virus has decimated the world’s population and left a group of pre-teens in charge, angel of the high rank in the end There is an unlikely group of warriors, all with very dangerous weapons. Shinoa Hiragi is a perfect example of why a book should not be judged by its cover.

Shinoa leans into the angle of the innocent schoolgirl, but she leads a demon army and her scythe also contains the spirit of a vicious demon. Shinoa’s ability to control this capricious weapon and dash the hopes of his opponents makes both him and his horror very dangerous.

5 Zorin Blitz’s saddest instincts are heightened by his weaponry in Hellsing Ultimate

in many characters Hellsing Ultimate Being an undead vampire with amplified power and immortality is already a huge advantage. Adding a Flimsy Blade to a Deadly Bloodsucker Seems Like Overkill, But Why Is It Hellsing UltimateZorin Blitz is so intimidating.

Zorin is probably so intimidating because he doesn’t have to use his scythe. That being said, she really likes the torture she can do with it as she sabotages people who get in her way.

4 Fairy Tail’s cunning is obsessed with being the best and taking out whatever comes its way

fairy tale It takes a while to connect as its protagonist, Natsu Dragoniel, initially leaves much to be desired. However, the rest of his guild members and the other wizards he encounters are all quite charming. Arigor is a member of the dark guild Eisenwald, which quickly makes waves due to his status as an assassin and the vicious “Death God” nickname that he brands.

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Arigor uses a scythe as his weapon of choice to instill even more fear in his opponents. Natsu is committed to getting stronger, but Erigor makes extreme sacrifices for greater physical strength.

3 L’Arc Berg makes lethal in new ways in Rise of the Sickle Shield Hero

rise of shield hero L’Arc Burg sickle does to a sickle what Captain America does to a shield. A lot of anime heroes and villains know how to swing blades when in close quarters, but L’Arc basically re-establishes the rules for using weapons.

L’Arc often throws his scythe around to turn it into a projectile and he can lift the blade up and attack that way. L’Arc deserves special attention because he really makes his mark and even has a tattoo if his commitment was ever in question.

2 Duo Maxwell’s Gundam Deathscyth Hell Is A Mecha Nightmare

Mobile Suit Gundam The franchise has helped the robot genre gain prominence and the series has expanded extensively over the years. gundam wing determines its time. it’s small gundam series, but it was also one of the first gundam Actually heading to join outside Japan.

gundam wing Featuring some over-the-top and unique Gundam designs. For example, Duo Maxwell’s Gundam Deathscyth is a giant robot that attacks with a giant energy scythe hundreds of feet tall. Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Featuring the upgraded Gundam Deathscythe Hell who gets an even more intimidating mecha scythe.

1 Ruby Rose’s sniper-scythe at RWBY is a testament to the gorgeous nature of anime

RWBY Has grown into a rich series that is an inventive change when it comes to animation, yet it still falls back on many of the character and action staples of anime. Ruby Rose is front and center RWBY And she’s especially gifted when it comes to fighting the grimace of the god of darkness’s creatures.

Ruby is often furious against these creatures. He’s always highly drawn thanks to his Gonzo Crescent Rose sniper-scythe, an exaggerated anime weapon that puts all other exaggerated anime weapons to shame.

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