Super Hero Was Right To Age Gotten And Trunks

dragon ball super is the sequel to dragon ball g, but sometimes it seems that some time has elapsed between the two series. It sees that some characters look a little different, while others have barely changed. Such was the case with young Goten and Trunks – at least until the most recent movie. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,

The film finally saw the boys grow up visually by a few years, and some fans are not happy. Despite my dislike of what Gotan and the trunks look like now, some sort of aged redesign was necessary. After all, years have passed since the introduction of adolescence, and it’s about time that half-sanis are seeing their age.

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Some Fans Aren’t Happy About Gotan & Tights’ Redesign

for a period of dragon ball super In the anime heretofore, Goten and Trunks looked almost the same age as they were during the Buu Saga dragon ball g, That decision was criticized by fans themselves, who felt that the show’s designs were somewhat inconsistent with the time period and which came first. For example, Nemekian Dende seemed to age inverted with his design. Very good Looks smaller than its previous design. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Tried to fix both of these issues, Goten and Trunks finally got new designs that reflect their age.

Unfortunately, some fans weren’t crazy about her looks. Goten’s hair was falling out slightly, slightly out of resemblance to his father. Others also felt that Tights’ new look was too simplistic or boring for such a fan-favorite character, and didn’t help the hokey-pokey matters with her hair color. These designs are hit-and-miss with some, but something along these lines was definitely needed for their characters and the franchise.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes needs to give Gotan and Trunk the old design

As mentioned, a remarkable amount of time has passed between the end of dragon ball g and current chronological point dragon ball super, super hero The movie is really canon with the events of the anime, so in order to move things along, the kids had to grow up. Goten and Trunks logically couldn’t keep the kids they were given all the time forever, and with their characters physically aging more than the other Z-Fighters, they would most likely need a redesign.

In the case of characters like Gohan and his wife Videl, they’re already adults who probably won’t change that much in appearance when they come of age. Similarly, Saiyan blood can be used to explain why Goku and Vegeta still look so young and playful, thus not requiring new designs. Beyond that, it seems like the franchise is really gearing up to allow different characters to grow and develop in their lives, thus explaining why Gohan has given up fighting.

Part of that evolution is that kids like Goten and Trunks get older and get new designs to suit their ages. Even if the resulting designs aren’t great, they eventually need to be Dragon Ball Being too blind.


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