Spy x Family’s child characters are surprisingly accurate to real life

spy x family Undercover follows the escape of Detective Twilight, currently under the alias Lloyd Forger. Part of their mission is to create a reliable, sophisticated family that can enroll their adopted daughter Anya in a well-known school among the 1% of children. Despite the seriousness of Twilight’s mission, spy x family manages to make the kids in school appear as the naughty and immature kids that they really are.

When the subject of an anime is on the serious side, such as a covert spy mission that will save a country from war, the children involved often take on a more responsible or adult role. In a realistic scenario, this rarely – if ever – happens. spy x familyThe portrayal of Anya Forger and her classmates brings a gripping and light-hearted realism to the otherwise grim plot.

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Spy X Family’s Anya Forger is portrayed as a real-life child

Lloyd Forger’s telepathic adopted daughter Anya Forger behaves the same way children her age do. Often in anime, it is as if the creators forget how children act, and how their immaturity can affect their actions. For example, children in the promised neverland In the process, he accidentally plans an orphanage and escapes — despite the oldest of the herd being only 11. Hunter x HunterThe 12-year-old of Killua Zoldik, whose main goal in life is to murder his entire family.

When it comes to spy x familyAnya, her mannerisms and traits are those of a child rather than that of a minor-adult. It’s fascinating how she plans to help her family, but they all ultimately fail with her childish behavior and over-ambitiousness. Details of Anya’s everyday life also expose her innocence, such as when she gets on a bus. Being five years old, Anya struggles to climb stairs because of her short legs. This makes his character not only adorable but also extremely accurate to reality.

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Other Child Characters in Spy X Family Are Just as Realistic

Similarly, the side character at spy x familyEden Academy acts with the same childish charm. They say mean things to each other, taunt their classmates and in some cases even resort to name-calling. Another character who embodies the energy of a child in school is Damien Desmond, the son of Lloyd Forger’s target. Damien clearly has a school crush on Anya and makes fun of her, tries (and fails) to hide his feelings for the outspoken child. But when it came to confronting his feelings and admitting to his crush, Damien literally ran away from them in a flurry of naive feelings, just like a normal kid.

Damien and his friends also have moments where their imagination takes complete control. As the trio prepare for a game of dodgeball, an extreme training montage shows them climbing the edge of a cliff – until one of them falls dramatically. Flash back to reality, and the boys were climbing into the playground outside the school.

Children have a really wild imagination that makes their perception of what is happening in real life quite different, and spy x family Captures this with every young character in the anime. From charging Kamehameha balls in the competitive game of dodgeball to plans devised by five- and six-year-olds who are destined to be different, this anime shows kids exactly as they are. It’s a new approach that creates a more immersive experience than convincing the audience that a pre-teen is capable of murder.


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