Spy X Family creator celebrates chapter with new illustration

Spy X Family creator Tatsuya Ando has unveiled a new illustration featuring two very dangerous characters from the manga’s latest chapter.

To celebrate the release of the latest chapter of spy x familyThe creator of the manga put up a new piece of art on his Twitter account.

Tatsuya Ando, ​​artist/writer of the hit manga series, released an illustration featuring Yuri and Lloyd from Chapter 68, which premiered digitally this week. In Ando’s portrayal, Yuri and Lloyd are back-to-back, with a serious look on the former’s face – an expression usually reserved for when he is working as an SSS agent, while Lloyd Has his wide-brimmed hat and chapter number tape on his back. Because of Yuri’s menacing expression, the chapter seemed rather serious.

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Unlike Ando’s artwork, Chapter 68 spy x family It was a very light affair. In the latest chapter, Yuri comes to visit his sister, but when he sees Yuri’s injury (due to his secret job as an assassin), he takes it upon himself to make sure that he is also a Doesn’t lift a finger. But Yuri can’t allow himself to be bested by his brother-in-law Lloyd and creates a contest to see who is better at taking care of Yuri.

Commenting on Ando’s post, fans thanked him for the recent chapter. While the actual chapter didn’t quite match the mood of his portrayal, many fans appreciated how Chapter 68 spotlighted Yuri and how funny it was, reading about the Hui shenanigans. Shortly after, Ando released the cover image of Volume 10 on his Twitter, announcing the release date of the latest volume for October 4.

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Ando has removed many images from his manga, either in conjunction with biweekly releases. spy x family or to celebrate certain milestones, announcements or special projects such as Dragon Ball– Of yore, Anya and Bond when they participated in a memorial project for the series. Most of the time, most of her images have been of Anya, with all her meme-worthy expressions.

Tatsuya Endo is on a roll

spy x family Ando’s most successful work to date. He previously worked as an assistant blue Exorcist And fire Punch Before working on two series and three one-shots for Jump Square. Elements of Endo’s Three One-Shots, Title Rengoku no Ash, Ishii ni Usebeni And Tetsu ni Hoshio will be transferred to a later build spy x family,

The manga series follows a dysfunctional family consisting of a spy father, murderous mother and telepath daughter who all come together as the spy needs to create a fake family to prevent war from breaking out. The series took first place at the 2019 Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Awards in the Web category and has over 25 million copies in circulation as of August. In April 2022, the manga It was adapted into an anime with Kazuhiro Furuhashi. as the director of the second court of spy x family Premieres October 1 on Crunchyroll. The manga can be read in English on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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