Spy x Family Chapter 63 Exclusive Details

In the story of Spy x Family Chapter 63, the information is an effective and deadly tool, which is used by those who have the greatest influence.

The Spy x Family manga recently took the more serious path of anti-war by the reveal of Loid’s life being an orphan. It portrayed horrific war scenes as well as how the government deceived both sides in order to create hatred. As a young soldier, Loid was captivated by the propaganda and believed that the Ostanians were a threat to the nation before he realized that the enemy really was ignorant. Being an operative is the ideal job for Loid because he collects information to allow both sides to live peacefully.

Chapter 63 in Spy x Family is focused on Handler as Twilight’s primary point of contact with WISE. While this chapter isn’t concerned with any Forgers (although Twilight does get only a brief, humorous mention) and, as a result, isn’t as engaging as filler but it does convey an important message, which is linked to the previous chapters about Loid’s history. It’s not good to be ignorant however the lack of critical thinking is equally bad and, in some cases, even more so.

Spy x Family Chapter 63

In the course of efforts to ensure peace with Westalis and Ostania, an exchange of culture event is planned, with an opera singer named Jonas Wellman headlining it. But, prior to the event, the media become flooded with reports about the singer’s erratic behavior, ranging in a variety of ways, from affairs with women too poor treatment of disabled veterans. It’s not going to be a good time for Wellman to make the trip to Westalis considering how poorly the public views him.

It’s the responsibility of WISE to make sure the occasion is successful to ensure peace in the world. But one of the WISE agents with just 2 years of experience is completely enraged after reading about all the allegations made against Wellman. He believes that the opera star is a scumbag and he doesn’t care. However, the agent’s perspective is altered just as fast when a new paper is released the next day, which disproves all previous assertions.

The events of Chapter 63 get decidedly more stressful when the agents face the threat of death to contend with. Handler and the newbie as well as an undercover officer selling kebabs, collaborate to stop the man who was planning to murder Wellman. Luckily, Wellman is able to fly to Westalis in peace, and peace is restored.

Spy x Family Chapter 63

The man who attempted to murder Wellman had been a soldier who was determined to “punish the corrupt.” As a soldier during the war, the soldier had an immense amount of pride and probably viewed himself as a god-like figure with the responsibility of protecting the citizens. Also, the man was in a similar situation to Twilight as an infant soldier. Both of them were influenced by the propaganda propagated by their respective governments, which resulted in their views being altered and altered.

When Handler was still in the process of training Twilight, she told her to not look at things from a binary black-and-white viewpoint. She also told him not to “try to fit everything to his preconceived ideas.” People listen to only what is appealing to them, and the media understands and exploits that. Information is potent and deadly in that in just a few words, it could turn people into heroes or a foe. The media and history aren’t as objective as many think they are. They are written by humans and, no matter the effort they make will always have an exact narrative that the author would like to convey. In the field of journalism, or in history, objectivity is not possible and will be impossible to achieve. The notion of “balanced coverage” can be a deception and presenting dangerous or incorrect views that are equally true is risky.

The chapter’s conclusion is at the end of Chapter 63 when certain scandals are exposed to be real, Handler tells the young agent to “Use the head of yours to search the answers you need to your own questions.” Tatsuya Endo clearly uses Handler to give the Spy x Family readers an opportunity to spread a message. The narrative, also known as propaganda is controlled by those in power, however, that doesn’t mean that you should accept everything being fed to you. The message of Handler is clear and simple: consider carefully the information you are reading and discover all the facts for yourself.

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