Shonen Series Perfect for Shono Fans

Shnen and shjo are the two biggest demographic distinctions in manga and anime, with many fans mistakenly viewing them as de facto genres. Although this is not the case, both have tropes and archetypes that make them easily recognizable and indistinguishable from each other. Still, sometimes there are series that break the mold, seemingly being both shonen and shjo stories at the same time.

it was the same with the manga romantic killerwhich was published by Shonen Jump, Despite this publisher, it had all the qualities of a shjo series, confusing the lines between the two. This made it perfect as an entry point for those unfamiliar with both sides of the divide, and with the anime adaptation coming to Netflix, it’s time to see how it bridged the shjo/shnen gap.

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Romantic Killer was a shnen manga disguised as a shjo series

Shueisha’s . running in Shonen Jump+ Wataru Momos from 2019 to 2020 romantic killer It says it all in its name. The protagonist is a young girl named Anju Hoshino, whose life consists of video games, her cat, and a bevy of delicious snacks. He is not interested in romantic endeavors, but when he is suddenly robbed of these things by a strange magical creature, everything changes – to his concern. This fairy traps Anju in an existence where she must pursue love, although it helps that the suitors are all too easy on the eyes.

Shjo manga tropes are all there, and the art style makes it all the more apparent. The art is flashy, pretty, and flowery, looking like nothing like the hot-blooded musclefest from the more popular Shonen Battle franchise dragon ball g and other such properties. Male love interests are all pretty boys, and they would fit right in with normal shjo manga. In spite of all this, romantic killer There was actually a shnen series, which showed that the difference between shjo and shonen is not as clear as many believe.

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Romantic Killers Was A Getaway Series For People Who Had Never Tried Shjo

As mentioned, romantic killer A shnen manga was published in the magazine, automatically making it a shnen series, regardless of appearance. It also completely reverses shojo tropes, making this classification a little easier to understand. Anju is an “anti-heroine”, as she is not at all enamored with the idea of ​​falling in love and being in a relationship. As such, she is quite different from the starry-eyed young women in some shjo manga, with her characterization generally being reserved for male NEET characters in manga.

Other tropes include Anju’s parents being easily taken away through job offers in America, leaving her single. Despite these opportunities for romance, Anju gives up on each and every one of them, knowing that she is literally acting in a parody of every lame romance story. It wants to move away from shjo tropes, not to mention the presence of a supernatural element in the form of a romance fairy, giving shjo and shnen fans something familiar. The latter will enjoy the more over-the-top elements, while the former will recognize all the fanatics who romantic killer Lamp

with romantic killer The manga is already finished, now is a good time for those who have read the shonen manga only to dip their toes on shjo in its subversive form. Better yet, the anime is hitting Netflix in October 2022, making it perhaps the best way to see how the series works as a halfway point between “boys and girls” anime. Sure, some shonen elements may not be what they’re used to, but even people who generally dislike romance anime and manga will find a lot to love in it. romantic killer,


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