Shigaraki’s latest ingenious evolution form shows her vulnerability

The following contains major spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 366, “Full Moon” by Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, now available in English from Viz Media.

After enduring a relentless barrage of attacks from Pro Heroes My Hero AcademiaIn order to help Shigaraki Tomura better deal with punishment, Shigaraki Tomura’s body underwent another transformation with Simple Growth. Since All For One forcibly ties his consciousness to Shigaraki, the villain shares his master’s unshakable air of confidence, but that mask is beginning to crumble.

As the war broke out and Shigaraki faced increasing punishment, the different aspects of his personality began to flow more and more into each other. At the beginning of the fight, Shigaraki’s personality was a simple fusion of him and All for One, but once Miryo Togata managed to take out young Shimura Tenko’s consciousness, Shigaraki’s earlier enjoyment was shattered. More and more, Shimura began to influence Shigaraki’s decisions, even those he was taking subconsciously.

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Shigaraki’s growing strain changes a new simple evolution

In chapter 366, Shigaraki was forced to respond in kind to his ingenious development. This time Quirk automatically shifted to a more defensive form, covering Shigaraki’s entire body in several armed grips of reinforced skin cells. His right hand was left in its outstretched state, making a huge fist with which he would attack. However, this fistful is no longer the misshapen mass of flesh it used to be; The faces of the older members of Shimura Tenko’s family were revealed at the peak of his marks.

Shigaraki’s transformation was prompted by a myriad of decisions, the most prominent being the amount of physical damage she had endured so far. As his super-regeneration quirk was wiped out by Monoma Nieto, along with others, all the damage was accumulating, even though the shape-shifting properties of Simple Growth hid that fact. Changing from a form geared toward indiscriminate external destruction, Shigaraki indirectly acknowledged the efforts of the heroes who had fallen so far, and took on the danger of Yue falling from the sky.

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Why was simple evolution shifted to a more defensive form in chapter 366?

His transformation was facilitated by the mental states of the various personalities living within the Shigaraki. They all shared the physical sensations that Shigaraki’s body was experiencing, and although All for One and Shigaraki may have been able to ignore that pain, young Shimura Tenko could not. Simple Growth had recognized the child within Shigaraki’s desire for pain and comfort and responded by providing physical armor, along with the likeness of those to whom Shimura would most reassure.

The ultimate reason for switching Simple Growth to a more defensive form was most likely Bakugo Katsuki. The brutality with which he lived also intimidated All for One, prompting Shigaraki to end Bakugo’s life earlier than he had planned. Even into his death, the memory of Bakugo continued to haunt Shigaraki; Although he claims to object to Bakugo’s resurrection because no one “gets to fix what is already broken”, his growing apprehension at the idea of ​​Bakugo’s return is quite evident and Bakugo will seek vengeance. Knowing the trend is very important.


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