How Admiral Ryokugyū Could Help to Restore Wano

Ryokugyu is equipped with the right qualifications to help the devastated country of Wano. Only question is, will he help?

Wano is not ready to reopen the borders to the rest One Piece World. The Beast Pirates have destroyed the land completely. There is no plant life and the rivers are poisoned. The towns and villages around the Flower Capital are in terrible condition. It could take several years, if not even decades, for the country’s stability to be restored.

While the Straw Hat Pirates are not affected, they have to be concerned about the approaching Admiral. Ryokugyu invaded Wano in an attempt to kill Luffy. It is not known how powerful he might be, but his standing among the Marines and the deadly-looking powers of his plants suggest that he is not someone to be underestimated. Although this sounds terrible, there may be a way to salvage the situation. Ryokugyu might be able to revive Wano with his powers.

Admiral Ryokugyū

Ryokugyu is both versatile and powerful, as can be seen by the amazing things he has done with his powers. He can transform himself into plants, draining his enemies of their fluids, and leave a trail for plant life wherever he goes. These plants could be anything, from mushrooms to trees to flowers. His imagination seems to be the only limit on what he can grow.

Ryokugyu could theoretically use his powers to save all of Wano’s plant life. He could make plants and grass, as well as flowers and trees. He would be responsible for restoring Wano’s natural beauty, and feeding its residents.

Ryokugyu can not only restore Wano’s plant life but it is almost certain that it will stay there even if he does not intervene. Punk Hazard established that Admirals have such power that their Devil Fruits can have a lasting effect on the environment in which they are used. Akainu, Aokiji and Aokiji made the entire island a volcanic and frozen wasteland. If Ryokugyu has the same influence on his environment as Akainu, then he should be capable of restoring balance to Wano’s ecosystem.

Admiral Ryokugyū

More wood also means more trees. People who live in Wano’s most deprived areas can benefit from the additional timber to build their homes or make more buildings. There are many things Wano can do using this resource that it has been denied.

Ryokugyu’s ability to bring back Wano’s foliage is only part of the problem. This Admiral is only in Wano on business. He’s there to kill Luffy, and bring his head back home to Fleet Admiral Akainu. Although he will make plants grow wherever and whenever he goes, that is about the extent of his generosity.

Ryokugyu would have to do the same if he were to save Wano’s remaining plant life. He could be restrained and led through Wano’s wastelands. This would reflect poorly on Wano, considering he is an Admiral. Luffy could also lure Ryokugyu to chase him through Wano’s wastelands as he leaves the country. Although this might be a difficult task, the Admiral appears to have enough power to make it possible.

Ryokugyu is already doing a lot to restart Wano’s ecosystem, even if it doesn’t happen. He has left more foliage than all of Wano in the past 20 years. They can reopen Wano sooner than they expected if they take advantage of what they get and grow it.


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