Romance blossoms between Ashiya and Rika

everyone wants to know who Satan is a part-timer!Sadao Maui is coming to an end, but another interesting love story could be playing in the background. Maui’s rival, Ami Yusa, works in a call center and has made a friend named Rika Suzuki. In Season 2, Episode 10, Amy learns that Rika has a crush on Mao’s trusted general from the demon realm, Shiro Ashiya.

Rika and Ashiya have met before – for example, on a trip to the amusement park in Season 2, Episode 3. In that episode, Rika gives Aashia her phone number and then wonders why she did it. In this episode, Ashiya invites her to go shopping for a new television with Mao and Suzuno Kamazuki. Is there any hope for Rika and Aashia as a couple, and how will Amy react to her best friend dating a demon?

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Rika calls Amy and asks her what clothes Ashia likes, before Ashia invites her to go shopping with her. EMI’s reactions during the conversation provided the funniest part of the episode. For example, Amy smiled blankly as she described the clothes Ashia herself liked to wear, refusing to believe that Rika wanted to dress up for her.

When Amy could no longer deceive herself, her eyes gleamed yellow with righteous fury. This acted either as an exaggerated anime overreaction or as if her little Anta Isla magic was bubbling to the surface as she prepared to defend her friend. Amy’s calm tone made her reaction even funnier, meaning the extent of her terror was hidden from Rika on the other side of the phone. Yoko Hikasa as Amy and Asuka Nishi as Rika elevate the scene, as fans battle Amy’s voice to hide her contempt and Rika’s voice excites anxiety. was balancing.

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As if to undermine Rika’s optimism, the scene cuts to Aashia explaining to Maui that he had invited her because Rika’s approach could help with television purchases. However, did Rika really misunderstand Ashiya’s invitation, or was Ashiya hiding her true feelings? After all, there are certainly other characters who understand the modern technology that Ashiya could have taken along, such as internet- and gaming-obsessed Hanzo Urushihara.

In Season 2, Episode 3, Ashiya and Rika go undercover to spy on Mou and Amy at an amusement park. When the pair took their photo on the Ferris wheel, Aashia awkwardly posed with Rika and didn’t mind being called her boyfriend. Ashiya’s embarrassment may have been because his true feelings for Rika were being revealed, but it could also have been just because he was caught off-guard. Additionally, with Ashiya’s tactical mind, posing as Rika’s boyfriend may be another part of their covert surveillance mission.

At work, Amy was caught between wanting to make her best friend’s date go smoothly and saving her from a demon. However, is Amy really that scared of Rika dating Aasia? Amy’s fierce hatred for Mao is so strong that she often forgets to hate her right-hand general, even acknowledging her hard work when Ashia caught a thief in the previous episode. warmly given. Amy will be chasing herself now that she has focused her attention on Mao so much that she doesn’t mind her best friend falling for a demon.

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Alternatively, Amy’s frustration over Rika’s crush on Ash may also be that she is mistaking her frustration on herself to warm up to Maui. Also in this episode, Suzuno reminds Amy that she may one day have to save Mao from demons for the greater good, which would be just another example of an unlikely pair working together. Amy may feel that she is cheating on him and possibly even liking him by working with Ante Isla, and then taking him out on his growing relationship with Rica. In the end, it’s possible that Amy is concerned about Rika dating Ashiah because she is one of the few friends of hers who doesn’t know the extent of the Demon Realm’s brutality during the invasion of the Ante Isla – and only wants to engage. Finding out only after can make Rika feel betrayed.

Overall, Amy has some valid reasons to be concerned about setting up Rika and Ashiah, but she’s conflicted enough that she may ultimately choose to support the relationship anyway. Light novel fans know how Ashiya and Rika’s relationship develops, but the anime can still surprise everyone by taking their story in the other direction. The next episode will likely follow a shopping trip, revealing once and for all how Ashiah really feels about Rika. Until then, this could be the beginning of the greatest Satan is a part-timer! Everyone’s love story.

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