Ritsu Is Featured Prominently in the Latest Mob Psycho 100 promo

Finally, season three of Mob Psycho 100 is approaching, and it promises to take Reigen and his students on a crazy adventure. After all, Studio Bones has been working diligently on the project and has an impeccable track record with anime. All eyes are on the upcoming season three debut as fall approaches, and a new promo has gone live highlighting Ritsu’s role in the show.

Ritsu is the focus of the latest Mob Psycho 100 trailer released by Warner Bros. Japan. Here, a montage depicts Mob’s brother attempting to call upon his own esoteric abilities. Of course, we also see a lot of Mob and the younger brother together as they go about their daily lives.

Ritsu Mob Psycho 100 promo

Ritsu will play a unique part in Mob Psycho 100 this season, as you might expect. He will travel on Mob’s arduous voyage with others like Reigen and Dimple. Given that Mob’s senior year of high school is quickly approaching, it appears that season three will center on the boy’s waning boyhood. He will soon have to decide on his future, and that time is quickly approaching. The mob might not want to spend the rest of his life studying under Reigen, despite the fact that his abilities are unmatched.

If you are not caught up with Mob Psycho 100, you can catch up on seasons one and two right now on Crunchyroll. For more info on the spooky hit, see the series summary down below:

“What is his trick for eliminating ghosts while keeping costs down? He’s a phony, for starters, and he pays Shigeo, his student helper, less than the minimum wage, despite the fact that Shigeo is the one with the true psychic ability. Shigeo is a shy yet nice youngster whose desire to be helpful and kind is connected to the emotional safety locks he has set on himself. Shigeo is Reigen’s mentor and business advisor, for better or worse, therefore he understands he must take advantage of him to stay in business. Additionally, he is aware that once the normally suppressed child reaches level 100, it may unleash more psychic energy than either of them is capable of handling.”


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