Rion Triescen Fights the Army’s Biggest Monster

The following are spoilers for episode 11 of Black Summoner, “Rank S Promotion Exam,” which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

black summoner Summer 2022 is an isakai title of the anime season, and while the protagonist is attractively OP protagonist Calvin, the most compelling characters are Calvin’s friends and teammates, who are more balanced and thus have better character arcs. An example is a girl named Ryo Saki, now known by the surname Ryon.

Rion is a friendly and enthusiastic member of Calvin’s party, and after being reborn after dying in the hospital, she is eager to repay him for bringing Calvin to this fictional realm. Rion gets a chance to do the same thing in Episode 11 when she and her allies face off against the invading army of Tricen in Gaon Country, and she does it well.

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Back in episode 10, viewers met with the council of generals, who command the formidable army of the Triassen nation, and at the time, the generals needed a tiebreaker to decide whether to invade the rest of the continent. Or not. Based on the mighty Tricean monster army making its way into the wooded regions of the Gaon kingdom, it is clear that the vote is now 3-2 in favor of war, with the cynical General Clive voting for war. No nation can stand the united demons and soldiers of Tricean, and the elf village of Gaon faces the gravest threat it has ever faced. That’s when Calvin and his party of adventurers come forward to help.

Calvin the elf uses his magic to set up the village’s defenses, but he leaves the battle to his allies, including the Eiffel Archer Half-Elf, Sera the Demon Princess, and her goddess friend Melfina, who uses powerful magic. orders. Although, black summoner Fans already know what they are capable of. The highlight of Episode 11’s fight is the young woman Rion, who throws herself into the deep end when Melfina tells her to fight the biggest, worst monster of the Triassen army – a giant clad in leather armor. Rion and his pet dog Alex swung into action, attack on Titan style, and use three swords to fight enemies many times your size. Rion may be small, but he is not helpless. In fact, everyone is in for a big surprise.

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black summoner Fans can assume that Calvin, Melfina, and Cera are all powerhouse fighters who can take down any enemy to save the day, so the most exciting battle of episode 11 involves Rion herself as she tackles the toughest obstacles. Is. At first, he and Alex struggle against the giant’s thick hide, but then Rion fires two special swords with Alex’s blade, and they tear the giant apart with a devastating electric sword attack.

This prompts Vishal to transform into his fiery real form, only for Ryon to strike again and defeat it completely. Until now, Rion’s combat capability was completely unknown; for all black summoner Fans knew, Rion would be a total underdog with a strong spirit but weak attacks. However, Rion is on par with Serra and Melfina, much to the shock of the Triassen field commander. It is a thrilling, gripping and empowering scene to watch, with Rion dreaming up fantasy from a patient lying on a hospital bed and going to save the day as a fairy tale hero.

Rion has come a long way in just a few episodes, and it looks like his character arc is almost complete given his power and newfound confidence. Nevertheless, the Battle of Tricene is not yet over, and a Tricean officer arrives – possibly General Clive – accompanied by four bodyguards. Calvin can understand how powerful this new threat is, and even Rion can outlast it this time. Nevertheless, she will give her best shot at impressing Calvin and repaying him for giving him this new lease of life and will fight to the bitter end.


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