Release date for new Hunter x Hunter manga volume leaked online

Although Hunter x Hunter hasn’t been updated since 2018, developer Yoshihiro Togashi has been slowly but surely teasing its return with text-to-twitter excerpts from May. Shnen Jump has chosen to publish the final unreleased chapters of the original manga on November 4, 2022, before the publication of new chapters. The book will cost 528 yen, or about $4. This is more proof that the Hunter x Hunter serialization is coming back in due course. Togashi’s own recent tweets in support of this claim described the current state of things in relation to Chapters (399 and 400) and his plans to recruit additional people to make things easier and more streamlined.

Togashi is now drafting these chapters and sending requests to his team members about how he wants them out. In addition, he tells the Weekly Shonen Jump that he has drawn up rough drafts for ten additional chapters. However, it should be remembered that the author still struggles with many health problems. In an earlier statement to the art exhibition, he admitted that he had severe back pain for two years and was unable to sit on a chair.

However, he has since discovered a posture that allows him to sketch and has been working towards ending his five-year break. The plot is meant to be a sequel to the events of the Dark Continent arc, and more specifically the Succession Competition arc, in which the fourteen princes of the Kakin Empire and their subsidiary criminal organizations compete for control of the Empire. Fans can expect at least 20 more chapters by the end of the year as Togashi has already confirmed that he has started working on the next set of chapters in July.

Following publication of the November volume, the author can certify the return of numbering by updating his online progress report. Since the tweet is currently from a Japanese Shonen Jump account, it is also unknown whether the volume will be available for worldwide distribution at a later date.

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