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The Sorcerer King, Ainj Ool Gown, will hammer the last nail in his opponents’ coffin in the explosive climax of Overlord 4. In the end, the Re-Estees Kingdom will have no choice but to watch as the Nation of Darkness completely consumes it. Episode 13 of Overlord 4 will be the series finale.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 Recap:
After his fight with Riku Agneya, the Pandora’s actor returns to Nazarik and tells Ainz what has happened since then. In the background, Albedo is furious as the Pandora actor, dressed as Ange, kneels before Riku. Before Albedo’s anger escalated, Ainz praised the actor’s performance as Pandora. They will be more effective in their aim if their opponents see them as a lesser threat because of their low posture. It’s not just Riku’s world isolating barrier that Ange is keen on; All of Riku’s powers are mysterious to him. Since only Albedo had managed to pass the obstacle, Ainz assumed that Riku must have employed a world-class object. He compares Riku’s skills to his earlier descriptions of Aura’s portrayal of nature and society.

However, the Pandora actor interrupted and told Ainz that Riku’s HP was reduced as a result of casting the barrier spell. He then asked if it was a skill, to which Ainz replied that he was unaware of any object in the universe that could only be activated by spending HP. Unlike other NPC guards, Ange is prepared to be defeated again if it means gaining access to additional knowledge. Ainz feels that this is the only way to guarantee a complete and complete victory over his enemies. Ainz acknowledges that NPCs and individuals from the New World can be revived despite the dangers of his plan. But he doubts that he has the power to revive everyone. However, if doing so means avoiding a worse fate, such as death, then losing again is perfectly acceptable. Ainz tells the group that before they break up, he is on his way to the imperial capital to join the Cocitus. When Albedo asks Ainz if he needs to take a personal trip to Re-Estees, Ainz says that he has high standards for his villainous character.

At the same time, Princess Rainer, Climb and Brain visit the orphanage to drop some of their homemade stew. Carers applauded Princess Rainer’s efforts despite the ensuing struggle. Princess Rainer leaves the battlefield and returns home to complain about how little she has done. As usual, Climb tries to comfort Princess Rainer by praising her for her noble deeds. The Explorers of the Blue Rose are welcomed back to the castle by Princess Rainer. When Tia, Tina, and Brain go to get tea, they start a conversation with Lacuse, Gagaran, and Avilay. Tia unexpectedly came on her own and offered Lacusie a cup of tea which looked strange. After just one taste, Laquess began to feel weak, and Gagaran and Aville took advantage of him by punching him repeatedly. Princess Rainer was unconvinced as he hurt Lacuse in front of her and questioned ville why he had to. Indeed, Aville and the rest of the Blue Roses no longer want to fight against the Wizarding Empire. Princess Rainer is told by Aville that they are running because they don’t care about Re-estes.

Only Lacuse remained adamant on staying to defend the kingdom. Avlie casts her Charm Persona charm to keep herself out of trouble with Lacusie. While he was leaving, Aville gave Princess Rainer a chance to escape. He was offered the opportunity to leave the kingdom, but he declined it, opting instead to stay and perform his royal duties. Despite Climb’s protests, when the Blue Roses are teleported out of the kingdom, Brain Ungloss gives them the Razor’s Edge sword. He climbs up and assures Rainer that he will overtake the Sorcerer King’s army to engage in single combat. Braine also thanks Climb for helping him survive his initial encounter with Sebass. Climb is taken aback when Princess Rainer, the only princess in the castle after Brain’s departure, decides to give Razor Edge Blade a whirl. To counter Aura’s army of fierce demons, Kokitus leads his soldiers to the royal palace. The aura moves to the sorcerer units in the imperial capital and orders Iris to try and kill any humans.

On the way, Cocitus ran to the Brain Unglas, intent on blocking his way to the royal palace as it was. Cocitus draws out his God Slaying Blade in anticipation of the fight, while Brain strengthens himself with a force of strength. The fight was already settled when Braine removed his True Nail Clipper, so it was useless. The brain was quickly and easily sent by Cocytus. In a tribute to Brain’s bravery, Cositas has frozen his body for the time being. If Brain ever decides to serve under Ange’s flag, he thinks he will be valuable. Cocitus, seeing that there are no more warriors to defend the area, proceeds towards the castle, collecting everything in his path.

A date is set for the premiere of Overlord season 4 episode 13
On September 27, 2022, the thirteenth episode of Overlord Season 4 will be released in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Japan.

On September 27, 2022, at 22:00 JST, the thirteenth episode of Overlord 4 will premiere in Japan. If the data provided above is true, the following release schedules apply to your region:
Time in Pacific: 7:00
The time in the center of the United States is 9:00, while in the east it is 10:00 and in the United Kingdom it is 15:00.

Overlord 4 has finally reached its conclusion. In episode 13 of Adhipati 4, you will see ainj ool gown and the great tomb of Nazarik in all its glory.

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