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Dragon Ball Super fans will have to wait a few more weeks for Chapter 88’s release. Toyotorou, the artist in charge of this sequel series, is taking a sabbatical after releasing 87 chapters in a row. Our Heroes monthly manga will be back sooner than you think, with all new stories.

The final episode of the Granola Survivor arc, which saw Gas’s death fighting the most formidable foes Goku and Vegeta, was released to the public after much anticipation. It also exposed the new form of Frieza, which the emperor used to crush Sai. In the upcoming chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super, the main characters will begin a new story. You can learn more about its release by reading this.

When will the next chapter be released: Where can I find this publication?
Chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super is scheduled for publication on November 19 or 20, as it has been every year since the series began. For Toyotorou to finish writing the next manga arc, the series will pause for the entire month of October. However, the fans have nothing to worry as the return of the show for this year has already been guaranteed.

Fans can read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app or on the Manga Plus website by Viz Media. Supporting official distribution of manga using these outlets is highly appreciated by fans. You can pay a nominal fee to read the previous chapter on Shonen Jump+.

What can we expect in Dragon Ball Super Episode 88?
Due to the destruction of the Heater clan, Granola’s life is once again quiet. Now that their training with Beerus and Whis has progressed, Goku and Vegeta can begin their new adventures. Sai was reminded that he is not the strongest from the fact that he is not the only one who has found enormous strength in the Granola Survivor story. Freeza could easily defeat them in a single, devastating blow, even when they were at their peak of power.

Since our heroes still have a long way to go before they reach their full potential, it’s possible that Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 will focus on their new training regimen. Goku and Vegeta will have to put in extra effort if they want to be as powerful as Frieza. Nevertheless, Sai’s efforts to refine his new transformations may also have been a major focus of this chapter. Vegeta will have to learn how to wield Mayhem’s strength without nearly dying in battle, while Goku is still figuring out how to make the most of his True Ultra Instinct. They will be trained harder than ever before by the God of Destruction and their respective angel.

What was covered in the previous chapter?
Granola, Goku and Vegeta were healed by Monato at the beginning of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, after their battle with the gas. As the party was rejoicing in its victory, the younger Heater brother returned, appearing like a moving corpse. Our heroes had little chance against this updated version of Gas and were about to be annihilated when Frieza showed up. Within seconds, the Emperor had sent off gas and elk, sparing the lives of our heroes. In Room of Spirit and Time, Freeza trained for 10 years to achieve her new formidable form, Freeza Black. At the end of the chapter, Whis picks up Saiyan and suggests that there may be an entity bigger than Frieza.

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