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In One Punch Man, the most recent chapter is important because it kicks off a new arc. It marks the beginning of the Psychic Sisters arc and the official start of the Neo Heroes epic. There wasn’t a ton of excitement in this chapter, but readers were satisfied with the presence of some notable events. Overgrown Rover and Black Sperm, two surviving members of the Monsters Association, were the primary focus of this chapter. Still, the chapter’s introduction of a new A-class hero was also a high point. It’s a good idea to check out who this new guy is and what he has achieved in One Punch Man chapter 171.

Although it is not unusual for anime to have characters of different races, One Punch Man stands out for featuring a new character who happens to be a person of color. Air is the name of this hero, who is an A-class member of the organization and the 35th best hero overall. Another member of the Air and Heroes Association was sent on a mission to track down the S-Class Hero Pig God. One complaint from One Punch Man fans was that Air rarely interacted with anyone else. With Pig God, an S-Class hero, refusing to return to the Heroes Association headquarters with him, he tries to provoke a violent confrontation. But just as things were about to spiral out of control, Air sensed a monster nearby.

However, despite his best efforts, Vayu was seriously injured by Evil Natural Water. Thankfully, the Pig God made a timely appearance and drank the wicked natural water, which digested it. Based on the manga’s illustration, it appears that Vayu was seriously injured by Evil Natural Water. However, he moved on, and Pig God ordered another worker to take Air to the hospital as quickly as possible. Chapter 171 was the first time the new A-class character interacted with anyone, so naturally, readers are eager to learn more about him and his talents. Based on the limited glimpse we have of his skills, it appears that Vayu fights using a boomerang. Despite his failure to use his weapon against the Evil Natural Water, this hero appears incredibly agile and strong. Vayu is an A-class hero, which means he has excellent combat skills.

The fantasy behind the webcomic One Punch Man claims that Vayu can send off any creature of a tiger’s threat level with a single swing of his boomerang. Interestingly, there is also the possibility that this personality is based on the Aboriginal population of Australia. Ayers Rock, the famous Australian sandstone formation, sounds like their name, Air (Uluru.) In Japanese, their name is pronounced and written as Ayers Rock. It’s no surprise that viewers are anticipating this character’s appearance in the next One Punch Man episode. After a month’s absence, the much-awaited One Punch Man Chapter 171 has finally been released, and readers couldn’t be happier. The art style is brilliantly executed by Yusuke Murata, and has remained consistent throughout. As far as the Monsters Association story goes, this chapter was pretty short on action.

Nonetheless, there were many exciting moments for the readers to rejoice in this chapter. This article will provide a summary of the chapters and highlight key moments from the manga. Additionally, it will discuss what One Punch Man readers should anticipate from the next part of the Psychic Sisters arc.

One Punch Man Chapter 171. analysis of

The A-Team stops by to see their next-door neighbors

Now that Saitama has a place to live, other A-Class heroes from the area have visited him. His goal was to use his superior hero status to shed his weight and intimidate Saitama. The door opener startled them and they could not even shout at the tenant for not opening the door on time. The Strongest Man in the World and a top tier member of the S-Class Heroes of Heroes Association was none other than King.

Monsters Association Survivors

The action then shifted to Z-City, where the Pig God was searching for the wreckage left by the war. If the S-Class hero won’t help, the Heroes Association sends an A-Class hero by the name of Air to retrieve the Pig Lord. Air strikes the mark and tries to annoy the S-Tier Hero. Nevertheless, Air saw the beast and fired his boomerang at it. As a result of the shock of being mortally wounded by the Evil Natural Water, the Pig Lord immediately ate the monster. The S-class hero Pig God was not harmed by Evil Natural Water’s water cannons, and requested that the Heroes Association air transport to the nearest hospital. We heard that Black Sperm heaved a sigh of relief as he avoided being caught by the Pig God.

A showdown between Caped Baldy and Overgrow Rover
Finally, the main character of One Punch Man meets the overgrown Rover. The Black Sperm identified Saitama as the person who had previously awakened Garu in a single stroke. Anticipating what Saitama might do to the overgrown rover, Black Sperm experienced extreme anxiety. However, when the Caped Crusader did not attack him, the monster was shocked. Since he was weak, he knew he had to take a chance if he wanted to find a place to live and get better. Black Sperm followed that train of thought to approach Saitama in a comical manner, as seen by the caped Baldy in his customary nervousness.

What to watch next in the next One Punch Man chapter
Saitama will once again be the main character in the next chapter. When meeting Saikos, Fubuki will show up with a convoy. The Capped Baldi’s continued persuasion by the Black Sperm to allow the monster to stay with him will be detailed in the following chapter. It is possible that Saitama accidentally disabled the security system that identifies the two demons, Overgrown Rover and Black Sperm. Dr. Boffoi’s interest will be piqued, and the result may be mysterious.

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