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Blue Lock will take a week off when this week’s chapter ends. However, readers of Blue Lock will soon be able to read the most recent chapter (189). In the final chapter, Isagi decides that he will follow Ryo and Nagi, filling the former role of Chigiri. Still, he couldn’t figure out how to beat the goalkeeper at this point.

Will this match give them a chance to show off their stuff? This is a detailed description of the upcoming chapter. Readers will learn about Ryo and Nagi’s plans in the next arc. They care more about defeating Yoichi than winning the competition. It is this interest differential that will widen over the next few weeks.

Recap of previous chapter 188
“Vortex” was the name of Blue Lock Chapter 188. Chapter one opens with the continuation of the play. At that time Bastard München held a 2–1 lead. Compared to before, Egi saw a marked improvement in Isagi Yoichi’s combat skills. As a result, Kunigami sees this and attempts to counter it. However, Aghi intervened to defend against his attacks.

This was pretty much what Isagi realized when he faced off against Noah and LaVinho. For his part, Chigiri attempts to steal the show. However, Isagi realized too late that his pace was excessive and the opportunity to regain control of the game was lost. Yoichi concluded that he was qualified to fill Chigiri’s former role, and the chapter ended on the same note. After much deliberation, he made up his mind that he would become the arms and legs of Agi, traveling in a region of intense heat and flame that had previously been inaccessible.

Blue Lock Chapter 189: Spoilers and Predictions
The next chapter of Blue Lock is called “Yes Boss”. In short, this chapter will focus on the arrival of Nagi and Ryo, in line with the plot elements mentioned earlier. Also, only Meta Vision can stop them. There will be a sudden change in Rio’s internal monologue. For them, it’s probably one of the few opportunities they’ll have to consider applying the brakes. Nevertheless, the bastards held the competition. Even Nagi will eventually come to terms with the fact that Ryo is already a step ahead of the game here.

This way, the synergy between team members will blossom into its fullest expression. Unfortunately, Blue Lock Chapter 189 will end without revealing who ultimately wins and receives the prize. It will be up to Isagi Yoichi and these two for the final performance.

When will Blue Lock Chapter 189 be published?
As of this writing there has been no delay in the publication of the current chapter. As a result, Chapter 189 of Blue Lock will be released this week as scheduled. The chapter will be published for the last time on September 21, 2022. Manga fans of the game will only be able to read all the chapters on Kodansha’s official websites.

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