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with the conversation The Witcher 4 In development, fans of the franchise are certainly eager to hear more about its progress. The idea of ​​a whole new saga is an exciting prospect, but there’s still a strong dedication to the adventures of Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher Play The Witcher 3, which came out in 2015, garnered universal acclaim and performed extremely well in sales, leading to its re-release, even in 2022 via the Steam Tracker with an average of 12,000 active players, multiple DLC and continued playthrough. Its dark environment is one of many features beloved by fans, and it is shared with one of the longest-running manga in history: fearless,

Kentaro Miura fearless It is considered the seed of many works of fiction, which inspired many other manga and anime, as well as dark Souls Voting. The beautifully crafted story of emotional turmoil, world-building and monstrous creations of medieval nations, and thrilling-wild conflicts gave rise to one of the most loved manga series of all time. at its source, fearless shares many similarities with Magician The world, sharing an abundance of monsters to overcome, a complex political landscape unfolding alongside the heroes’ journeys, and a sense of dread as they traverse war-torn and rat-infested lands. for fans of The Witcher 3, fearless There is definitely a legend to indulge in.

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World-building and setting

The Witcher 3 takes place mainly in Velen and Novigrad, the lands completely destroyed by the war with Nilfgaard. The countryside is littered with fauna, robbers and soldiers, where farmers live in fear, constantly facing the threat of death or worse. Land-dwelling monsters are, for the most part, more animal-like than intelligent beings, but they still plague rural lands and the depths of cities. mostly fearless After a “Golden Age” arc takes place in Midland, which is recovering from its war with the Tudors and is soon invaded by the Kushan army. The same desolate landscape can be experienced, the same feeling of helplessness for the weak and abused by the strong.

Both series skillfully convey the medieval world with the idea of ​​magical elements within the background. Cities share the same filthy imagery and people behave and feel as if they are in such an elusive world. Whether Geralt is looking for work and tackling the constraints of the landscape or daring to hunt down an apostle on a night in a cattle-and-dub-housed village, the settings truly bring not only the authenticity of the medieval atmosphere, but It also brings great sorrow. The lives of the people living in these environments are lived. Having said that, The Witcher 3 Detects lands of better taste, such as Scilly’s or Toussaint’s, which is also reflected in later arcs. fearless When Guts and his friends travel to Vratannis to retrieve Furness or Elfelm to heal Casca.

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Combat, Monsters and Driven

An important aspect of any witch’s journey is the slaying of demons. From deformed ghosts to mighty leshans, there are all kinds of different animals to hunt, all with their own techniques and strategies used to best outsmart them in battle. one of the most beloved parts of Magician The series is finally figuring out the best method to bring down a monster that the player is chasing. While on the surface, while it may appear that Guts lacks that particular strategic inclination when combating his demons, he actually carefully plans his attack methods when fighting something that his Dragon Slayer sword eases. Can’t cut it.

When he fought against The Count, he used the decoy and The Count’s daughter, Theresia, to strike a balance, and when he faced Gunishka, Guts used Zod’s ability to fly and Actively hunted and attacked the weakness of the Kushan emperor. The methods used by Guts may not be in vain as much of the preparation and precision that Geralt uses before entering into battle with a monster, but still learning of a weakness and overcoming a much more powerful enemy. The principle of getting

The demons themselves differ somewhat in their conception. there are wise monsters Magician, but most of the creatures with Geralt’s face are more animalistic in nature. Most of Guts’ enemies are apostles – former humans who sold their souls to God for immortality and power, then turned into flesh-eating demons who terrorize the world and hunt down people branded for sacrifice, such as Guts. and Casca. As the “Fantasia” arc rolls in fearlessThere are more goofy creatures who have been transferred to a blending of fictional reality and the real world, but Guts’ main purpose is to inspire, not hunt monsters.

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The Witcher 3 The characters are skillfully written, given complex developmental stories, progression and purpose. It is not only Geralt who receives detailed treatment in his characterization, but several supporting cast members, such as Giri, Triss Marigold, Dandelion and even some less focal cast members, such as Sigismund Dijkstra and Philip Stranger. , commonly known as the Bloody Baron. This care given to even less important characters helps shape a sense of trust in the world and its inhabitants as they grow either with or against Geralt.

Miura took the same care when crafting the characterization fearless, Himmat’s journey is the main focus and his development tops, yet the supporting cast around him, such as Serpico, Farnese, Isidro and Shirke, find their own narrative journey that defines them. Although it is not only these two series that create exceptional characters, for the benefit of comparison Magician Fans are more attuned to the idea of ​​the combination of the similarities mentioned earlier and the detailed craftsmanship and bonus of the cast matching each other in the build.

As fans around the world still enjoy The Witcher 3 And they probably need a dose of a dark medieval epic to keep them occupied until more information is released. The Witcher 4, fearless The perfect story to dive into. It will satisfy a love of monster slaying, epic fantasy world-building, medieval atmosphere and intense, emotional storytelling. fearless The manga is compiled in ubiquitous volumes and can be purchased through Dark Horse Comics.


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