Orochimaru’s Sonic Ninja Proves His Talent

most of NarutoK’s ninja was not interested in jutsu to reinvent himself; For the most part, Orochimaru was the same. However, he took it a step further, aiming to learn every jutsu that existed in the world and concluded that he could only do so by conquering death. His journey toward immortality required several stages of human experimentation, and as he continued his illegal research, Orochimaru saw the need to give some of the enhancements to his subordinates. All of his sonic ninjas were particularly powerful, but Orochimaru’s select abilities gave him the stuff of Jonnin ninja’s wildest dreams.

During Hidden Leaf’s Chunin Exam, Orochimaru infiltrates several of his subordinates with different objectives. The team led by Dosu Kinuta claimed to be from a village hidden in Sonic, and each used Sonic-themed ninjutsu to support their claim. Kin Tsuchi’s sound-based genjutsu came very close to surpassing the mind-boggling Shikamaru, but his abilities pale in comparison to the modifications Orochimaru made to his team leader and Zaku Abumi.

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Dosu Kinuta’s Hidden Speaker Blurs the Lines Between Ninjutsu and Genjutsu

Dosu carried himself with the air of a man who considered himself unbeatable, and for the average ninja he certainly was. Like all of Orochimaru’s other subjects, his taijutsu was impeccable, but it was Dosu’s ninjutsu that really made him a formidable opponent. Everything related to sound was an instrument; He could track down opponents lightly and was able to accurately predict what his fellow examinees were writing, simply by listening to their pen movements.

It was literally impossible to stop or avoid Dosu’s aggressive ninjutsu. As part of his body modifications, Orochimaru placed a speaker device in his right hand, which gave Dosu the ability to emit high-pitched sound waves. When attacking, he combined these sonic outbursts with his physical blows, and directed them directly into his opponent’s inner ear with his chakra.

Any unfortunate person caught in this attack would be subject to crippling pain. If they somehow manage to ignore it, combat will be nearly impossible as Dosu’s attack will leave them completely distracted and unable to correctly perceive their surroundings. The determined Rock Lee was also helpless in the face of this onslaught.

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Zaku Abumi was a scientifically advanced ninja

Boruto The series introduced and popularized scientific ninja equipment and artificial enhancements that aided shinobi in combat, but they may have been tamed by Zaku too soon. Naruto, While bragging about his abilities, he goes so far as to call his and the rest of Sonic Ninja’s enhancements “the jutsu of the future”, and for great reason; The air tubes in his arms were unlike any jutsu offered at the time.

The hollow air tubes in Zaku’s arms allowed him to expel the chakra at extreme speeds. He could apply this jutsu to a variety of situations, with his opponents being sent off by explosive explosions flying to delicate sound frequencies that could change the structure of whatever material he was touching. They were really good weapons, but the fact that they were perfectly in sync with Zaku’s chakra network was even more impressive. Despite being constrained by the limited technology of his time, Orochimaru was successful in creating the first true shinobi cyborg.

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Orochimaru’s experiments were many years ahead of their time

With his Sonic Ninja, Orochimaru had already crossed the limits of traditional jutsu and chakra use. The abilities claimed by his subordinates are impossible to classify in any of the traditional jutsu styles. He is most comparable to the wind style—to which Orochimaru himself had an affinity—but its signature cutting edge was notably missing from all of his attacks. Could Orochimaru have succeeded in creating an entirely new sub-element with sound?

The Curse Marks Orochimaru gave his most loyal followers yet another unprecedented innovation, which he still did not fully understand. Long before Momoshiki Otsutsuki implanted a bit of himself in Boruto with Karma, Orochimaru was doing the same with Karma Marx. In keeping with his passion for prolonging his own life, Kars Marx must have been a means of reviving himself as a last resort. Given that he was eventually resurrected with the help of one of those curse marks, he must know something about his attributes of resurrection – even if he didn’t understand the Otsutsuki connection back Naruto,


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