New Godzilla movie drops cashew-tastic trailer, premiere info

The King of the Monsters goes up against Gigan’s evolved form in an epic trailer for a fan film that debuts in Tokyo this November.

The most powerful of all, Kazuo faces a new version of his classic antagonist, Gigan, in the trailer for the Godzilla fan film.

godzilla vs gigan rex Godzilla Fest is a computer-animated short slated to debut in 2022, a celebration of the King of Demons scheduled for November 3 in Tokyo. The teaser shows an eye-catching design of Godzilla that appears to be a cross between the one featured in 2016 shin godzilla and the Legendary Pictures Monsterverse movies, as well as Gigan Rex, a red form of the cyborg Kaiju, which debuted 50 years earlier in 1972. godzilla vs gigan,

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godzilla vs gigan rex is an extended sequel to g vs g, another fan film released in 2019, which lasted about a minute and garnered praise on the internet from both Japanese and international kaiju fans. Directed by Takuya Uenishi, the short featured Godzilla fighting Gigan and was presented as an entry into a competition organized by GEMSTONE, a Japanese YouTube channel. As one of six winners, Unishi was given the unique opportunity to further develop its concept with the help of Toho, the parent company of Godzilla. The resulting film appears to reuse the same basic concept as its predecessor but with higher production values ​​and much more giggling.

Who is Gigan?

Gigan has remained one of Godzilla’s most enduring foes since his debut half a century ago. Known for his scythe-like claws and seen sticking out of the center of his body, Gigan is typically portrayed as Godzilla’s most violent rival, his origins usually associated with supernatural enemies. . Gigan last appeared on screen in 2004 Godzilla: Final War, where he acted as a lethal weapon for the Zillions, an alien race intent on conquering Earth, and wielded the chains on their arms instead of their usual hooks. In 2019, Godzilla: King of the Demons Director Michael Dougherty said he would like to see Gigan in a Monsterverse film if given another chance to direct.

separately godzilla vs gigan rex, There are many other attractions at Godzilla Fest 2022. These include the unveiling of a new crowdfunded Gigan suit, the unveiling of a special effects video shin godzilla assistant director Kazuhiro Nakagawa, and a greeting event featuring a variety of Godzilla suits, including the original 1954 film and Godzilla: Final War. The event will be held at the Tokyo International Forum and live-streamed on the Japanese Godzilla Channel YouTube feed.

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