Naruto’s Chunin Exam Forest Trial Similarities MHA’s Wild Pussycat Camp

The Jungle section of Death in Naruto’s Chunin exam has inspired the most exhausting exercises of Class 1-A in My Hero Academia.

shonen sensation Naruto Undoubtedly one of the most influential anime of all time. A lot of its themes, plot points, and even the abilities used by its characters have been rearranged over the years to suit the next generation of stories. The Chunin test was one of the series’ most beloved arcs among fans. The second stage of the exam, held in the Forest of Death, was one of the more exciting stages of the test. The setting was so effective in testing the abilities of promising young heroes that it was repeated in My Hero Academia,

NarutoThe second Chunin test of Ki tasked all participants to work with other members of their three-member team as they traveled to a building in the center of the forest. The pass required was reaching the building within a five-day range, both with their own scrolls and a contrast obtained from a rival team they had defeated. It was the perfect test for shinobi as it assessed their stealth, ability to survive outside in adverse conditions and, of course, their fighting skills.

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Naruto’s Forest of Death has similarities to MHA’s Wild Wild Pussycats Camp.

In addition to fulfilling the purpose of the test, then-Jean had to deal with many other dangers in the Forest of Death. Its name was not to be taken lightly; Huge wild animals roamed around in search of their next meal, and even the vegetation that surrounded the participants had its dangers. Even striving for food to survive the five-day test period can prove fatal if they are not careful.

whereas My Hero Academia While not directly raising the Chunin exams in his story, one can’t deny that the One of Death stage parallels the Class 1-A trials that the Wild Wild Pussycats had to endure while on their way to training camp. In his case, it was not a test, but an introduction to what life at training camp would be like for a whole summer. While they were still quite a distance from the training camp site, Pixie-Bob informed Class 1-A that they would have to continue the rest of the journey on foot – much to their dismay.

What Pixie-Bob intentionally left out was that the forest they were crossing was infested with a number of monsters created using his Earthflow quirk. What he regarded as a harrowing hike through the woods quickly became a quick test of all that the students had imbibed after their first term at UA. Barely a moment’s rest, 1-A fought its way through the woods and finally reached the actual training camp site completely exhausted.

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Other Interesting Similarities Between Naruto and Home Office

His is not the only example of a similar forest test My Hero Academia draw inspiration from Naruto, The weak relationship between Bakugo Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku is reminiscent of the unstable relationship between Naruto and Sasuke. The Sports Festival tournament section also uses the same format as the tournament section of the Chunin exam. In another story these concepts work so well that home Ministry Never copies them directly from any other series. They are always tweaked to fit better in the hero society.

My Hero Academia It certainly has its own story, with unique anti-discrimination themes and messages not yet explored in other shonen stories. That it is inspired by the series before does not take away any of its obvious merits, but enriches it. The superhero anime has brought out a wealth of original content during its run and is currently in its high-stakes, action-packed final arc. Vague references to the old series reflect mangaka’s respect for their senpai and are fun Easter eggs for fans to find.


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