Naruto Stage Play cancels all September performances and livestreams

Multiple COVID-19 infections within the crew have forced the latest Naruto stage adaptation to cancel its first 12 appearances in Tokyo this month.

Unfortunately, many shows have been canceled for the latest Naruto Platform Customization.

First premiere in March 2015, live pageant naruto Masashi brings Kishimoto’s popular manga series to the stage. Each stage-play focuses on different arcs. NarutoIntroducing more characters along the way. live pageant narutolatest phase of customization, Ninkai Taisen, Kaisen (Shinobi World War, Outbreak), Follows the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War. To Crunchyroll, live spectacle announced on its official website on 15 September that the play’s first 12 performances throughout this month have been canceled due to multiple COVID-19 infections within the crew.

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live spectacle The official statement reads as follows: “We were preparing for the show by taking extreme precautions and measures in compliance with the Guidelines for the Prevention of the Spread of New Coronavirus Infection and the Guidelines for Infections of the National Association of Public Cultural Facilities of the National Association of Public Cultural Facilities. In emergency situations The Performing Arts Network’s prevention measures However, many of the people on the show showed signs of fever, and as a result of PCR testing, it was determined that they were infected with the new coronavirus.

As a result of discussions by the Production Committee, we have made the decision to cancel all 12 performances. Live Pageant Naruto – Ninkai Taisen, Kaisen In Tokyo from September 17 to 25, 2022. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and concern that may be caused by people awaiting demonstrations and the short notice of this announcement.”

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Scheduled to hold its opening night on 17 September, Ninkai Taisan, Cassano Can’t do the September shows at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo. COVID-19 infections within the crew forced the show to cancel all 12 performances until 25 September. live spectacle Opening Night was originally supposed to be live-streamed, but that is no longer the case. Those who have purchased tickets for the above performance can know about the refund process live spectacleofficial website and Twitter at a later date.

Ninkai Taisan, Cassano There are also plans to hold shows at Hyogo’s Kobe Bunka Hall from October 1 to October 10. Additionally, the show returns for 11 performances from October 15 to October 22 at The Galaxy Theater. live spectacle No details have been released on whether Hyogo and the second round of performances in Tokyo will continue due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Naruto The platform adaptation is planning to come to North America.

Source: Crunchyroll


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