My Hero Academia Season 6 Trailer Released

On October 1st, My Hero Academia season 6 will premiere, ushering in Hero Society’s largest-ever conflict between heroes and villains. Shigaraki and the League of Villains defeated the Meta Liberation Army in the fifth season of the anime adaptation, and the Paranormal Liberation Front was born as a new, terrifying power. The UA Academy heroes will now risk everything in an effort to save their world, and both sides are likely to suffer significant losses in this future story arc.

Deku and his companions’ world will never be the same after the War Arc because of the new malevolent army, which includes thousands of people and is led by the successor to All For One. The conflict between the heroes and the villains will, more than likely, take up the duration of the sixth season given how long this storyline is. While Class 1-A will take center stage, anticipate some huge moments from the professional crime fighters. Characters like Endeavor, Hawks, and Mirko will be giving the young heroes a major helping hand in their attempts to confront the armies of Shigaraki and several criminals on the battlefield.

You can be sure that when this season ends, the world of My Hero Academia won’t be the same because Toho posted the new teaser on Youtube, offering manga fans a sneak peek at some of the key War Arc moments that will ultimately be animated:

The manga’s Final Arc is presently unfolding as All For One has escaped from prison and is commanding his armies in an effort to permanently destroy Hero Society. Kohei Horikoshi, the show’s creator, has been certain that this is the Class 1-A heroes’ last fight, despite the hopes of many fans who were expecting a sequel series along the lines of Naruto’s Shippuden series. Horikoshi has previously stated that he plans to work on a horror manga when My Hero Academia concludes, so this might actually be the Shonen franchise’s Final Arc.


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