New Trailer for My Hero Academia Season 6 to Arrive Soon

As fall approaches, a new season of My Hero Academia is on the horizon. After all, the popular shonen is set to release season six in October, and anticipation for the premiere is at an all-time high. And it appears that a new My Hero Academia teaser will soon be released to promote the anime’s significant comeback.

The information was provided by Toho themselves, who stated that a trailer would be released soon. After all, the upcoming My Hero Academia trailer will soon be released on the Toho Animation Channel on YouTube. There are still a few days to wait because it was recently announced to the fans that the reel will be available on September 3rd.

My Hero Academia has a lot on its plate this season, but little is known about what this trailer will reveal. In its closing few seconds, the fifth season finale made this point. Japan is about to enter a war, and the students of the U.A. High School are being forced into it. Even though they only have temporary permits, Shigaraki and his army have become strong enough to attract the students’ attention. Only time will tell how Class 1-A does in this conflict with a bevy of professional heroes leading them.

Season six of the manga will undoubtedly adapt some dramatic battles, as manga readers are well aware, and this trailer should offer us glimpses of all of them. This means that, if they haven’t already, viewers will want to catch up on My Hero Academia right away. My Hero Academia seasons one through five are currently available on Crunchyroll and Hulu. When season six debuts, you can anticipate weekly simulcasts bringing new episodes to the United States.


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