My Hero Academia OVAs Release Date Confirmed

Crunchyroll Releasing My Hero Academia OVAs on August 1.

My Hero Academia is preparing for a serious battle this fall. The sixth season adapts the story of War Arc and will see the heroes take on the Paranormal Liberation Front, led by Shigaraki. Fans will be able to watch two specials from Japan before the new season begins. Crunchyroll confirmed the date for the Endeavor Agency and baseball specials.

The Official My Hero Academia Twitter account shared the news that two animated specials will be available on Crunchyroll on August 1. This gives fans a chance to refresh their knowledge on major characters from the series before they get into a very tense situation in the War Arc this autumn.

My Hero Academia
Image Credit: My Hero Academia

The official description of Hero League Baseball (or HLB) reads like this:

“HLB” stands for “Hero League of Baseball”. It was founded by baseball fans who are passionate about the game.

It’s game time! It’s game day! To compete, they form an Orca and Lionel team. There is no set rule in HLB. Everyone is free to use their quirks. Just as the game is about over, a villain interrupts them. “Who will win the HLB?

The official description of “Laugh, as if You’re in Hell!” is on the other side. It reads like this:

Todoroki, Bakugo and Deku participate in an internship at Endeavor’s No.1 hero.

They are assigned to search for Smiley, a criminal who draws doodles around the city. They let other heroes solve the case because it is so urgent.

Smiley makes a drawing of Endeavor’s house one day! Endeavor and the 1-A trio are furious and set out to find the villain. Smiley’s quirk is something that is both ridiculous and powerful. It’s to make anyone who sees his eyes laugh out loud! “Can the team capture the villain?


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