My Hero Academia Chapter 364 All For One Regain Full Power With Major New Allies

After suffering a crushing loss at the hands of Endeavor in My Hero Academia, All For One shocked the world by imitating Eri’s Rewind powers to start canceling all of his wounds. The villain’s arrival in Chapter 364 put an end to all of these mysteries, including the source of his new strength and the details of his rendition of Rewind.

It appears that All For One had a financial stake in the Quirk-erasing bullets that Shigaraki had taken from Shie Hassaikai. In an effort to mass-produce the bullets, his friend and longtime associate Dr. Garaki experimented on them. However, he found that the method by which it removed Quirk factors was derived from another Quirk. Dr. Garaki left a “canned” copy of Rewind for All For One after isolating Eri’s quirk factor since he knew his master would utilize it once he escaped from prison.

To Reverse Past Injuries, All For One Used A Version Of Rewind

My Hero Academia Chapter 364  All For One

Rewind is less stable while it’s in All For One’s possession than when it’s in the hands of the young girl because it’s been multiplied in distance from Eri, its original source. All For One’s wounds from his fight with Endeavor and the Pro Heroes were all healed by the Quirk, but it didn’t stop there; it also undid All For One’s wounds from previous conflicts with All Might. For a brief moment, it appeared that there was no hope left, but the villain’s own admission proved that Rewind was beyond his control and would keep de-aging him until he eventually vanished into thin air.

In My Hero Academia, All For One, who never misses a chance, announced that he was leaving his current battle to release Shigaraki Tomura from his UA jail. Given that the Pro Heroes took great care to create as much space between them as possible, All For One’s claim was overly hopeful, especially given that he is battling his own body’s deteriorating state and the Pro Heroes won’t let him depart easily.

All For One Might Be Gaining New Allies Globally

My Hero Academia Chapter 364  All For One

Additionally, All For One might not be the only “Hail Mary” on the way to Shigaraki. Timothy Apgar was advising the President of the United States to attack Shigaraki again as a preemptive measure. Unfortunately, the President dismissed his offer and asserted that Shigaraki was already invincible, citing information from Quirk research organizations. Instead, he recommended becoming friends with the bad guy to prevent Shigaraki from being inclined to pursue vengeance against the USA for Star and Stripe’s assassination attempt.

However, the President is unwittingly facilitating All For One’s vision of the world’s future. The United States and many other nations across the world are being forced to contemplate turning to All For One for assistance due to the present upheaval in My Hero Academia. They may also do so in order to secure a lucrative position in the New World Order. It was unclear whether the President actually made up his mind to back All For One, but if he does, it will be yet another crushing blow to the Pro Heroes who are tenaciously battling the evil.


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