My Hero Academia Chapter 356 Spoiler Alert

My Hero Academia Chapter 356, “Regarding the Enemy” All For One comes closer to complete defeat than he’s ever been – but is this really his end?

My Hero Academia’s All For One is one of the most frightening villains in any manga. Even in the face of Endeavor and Hawks who are the top-ranked heroes, he was no less than able to stand his ground and was at ease during battle to play down the flaws of both heroes. All For One displayed the ability and skill which made him the most dangerous antagonist over the years but, in an unexpected twist of fate, He is now close to defeat to his greatest adversaries than been.

It appeared the epic conflict would be an easy victory for All For One at first. Endeavor and Hawks battled to the death however, the villain gained an early lead after an admonition rattled Endeavor enough to cause All For One to inflict an injury to the flesh. Fumikage Theokoyami as well as Kyoka Jiro tried to fill the void left by the Number One Hero and had limited results.

My Hero Academia Chapter 356

It required everything Tokoyami and Hawks ability to get away from the All ForOne’s attack but that was not enough to make it out unharmed. The attacks they launched were having any impact and it was to be a matter of time before the truce ended. However, it did break eventually the A For One’s Quirk did something unimaginable and began actively fighting against him.

Before the villain realized what was happening, the battle’s momentum had completely changed. Each attack he attempted at launching, he was met with internal resistance to the Quirk components he’d obtained and was now trying to utilize. He concluded that this issue was caused by the fact that his own version of the All for One Quirk is a fake duplicate of the one that he’d handed over on to Shigaraki Tomura however this information alone was not enough to allow him to get back in control. Sensory Quirks which were his primary method of keeping track of his surroundings failed to warn him of threats in the surrounding area.

Recognizing their opportunities, MHA‘s heroes did not waste time in launching their offensive attacks. Hawks took him down with a blow that eventually damaged the helmet of All ForOne However, It was Theo Koyami’s Abyssal Black Body Fleeting Blow that utterly destroyed the helmet. Invincible, All For One managed to regain control of the Rivet Stab Quirk with the intention to end them all with a single strike. The strategy was defeated by the legendary Endeavor who had finally risen from his slumber and sprayed All For One with a fireball to add some spice.

Without a Regenerative Quirk as well as the comfort of his various durability boosters it appears that All For One might be defeated in less time than they anticipated. A loss would be a blessing for the heroes, but it won’t instantly win the battle. All For One still has an element of his consciousness that is residing in Shigaraki as a form of insurance, meaning the odds aren’t that great for him to be totally defeated. It is extremely unlikely that he will surrender his body, though it shouldn’t be too surprising if the body was somehow booby-trapped. However, it’s not the final instance My Hero Academia fans will ever see of the clever villain.

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