More than a married couple, but lovers don’t preview before its premiere

stellar rom-com anime like my dress up darling, night call And ahren-san is indecent Debuted this year and won the hearts of fans with its unique plots and characters. Along with other exciting new and returning series, the Fall 2022 anime season has its own contribution with the upcoming romantic comedy more than a married couplebut not lover,

More than a married couple but not lovers studio is mothers An anime adaptation of Yuki Kanamaru’s manga series of the same name. The manga has been running in Japan since March 2018 and continues with eight volumes so far. While the series doesn’t currently have an English print, rom-com fans can look forward to its adaptation in the Fall 2022 anime lineup. Here’s a look at what viewers can expect from this quirky and colorful romantic comedy.

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The plot and style of more than a married couple, but not lovers

More than a married couple but not lovers High school student Jiro Yakuin and his classmate Akari Watanabe, a gyaru, follow as they team up with someone they each like. However, there is a catch – as part of their school’s couple training program, Jiro and Akari are paired and expected to live together and act like a married couple in order to foster partnership and social skills. So that a better marriage can take place. Future. This unlikely pair will have to act like a perfect married couple despite their differences – until they score enough points to switch partners or maybe even fall for each other.

Perfect for fans of the series like a pair of koalas And Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You, more than a married couple The marriage is made on the basis of pre-marriage living arrangements. Jiro isn’t very fond of his childhood friends Shiori Sakurazaka and Akari Jiro, viewers can expect a lot of personality clashes and antics as these two learn to live with each other. fans of se marin my dress up darling Will especially love Akari’s adorable personality and fun fashion sense, and will likely root for Jiro and Akari to work through their differences and become a true couple themselves.

With vivid tones and vibrant pops of color, the art style of More than a married couple but not lovers Appears largely inspired by the anime aesthetic of the 90s. The retro color palette and line art give the anime’s art a lo-fi feel that will surely captivate the audience with its astonishing visual appeal. Just as ahren-san is indecentThe charming art style and muted color palette of ‘both reflected and contributed to the series’ healthy tone, More than a married couple but not loversThe retro styling will only add to its appeal.

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When and where to see more than a married couple but not lovers

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear that More than a married couple but not lovers Will stream on Crunchyroll, HiDive, Netflix or any other service. Those who have been waiting for the series can keep an eye out for an announcement regarding which streaming service will pick it up as of the fall of the 2022 season. The series will air in Japan from October 9, with one episode released every Sunday.

Rom-com fans have a lot to be excited about in the upcoming Fall 2022 anime season. Like with other romantic comedies love flop And urushi yatsura, more than a married couple, but not lover Will definitely make its mark as a quirky series with lots of humor and heartwarming moments left.


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