Miryo Mooning Shigaraki Wasn’t So Controversial

In Chapter 366 of My Hero Academia, Miryo Togata makes the very interesting decision to “moon” Shigaraki Tomura in the middle of a deadly fight.

The following contains major spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 366, “Full Moon” by Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, now available in English from Viz Media.

Following the ongoing controversy over Edgeshot’s sacrifice, My Hero Academia Another chapter that left fans divided. Searching for a split-second distraction for Shigaraki Tomura, Togata Miryo resorted to one of his old tricks when all else had failed: to give Shigaraki a sudden view of his back, or to make him speak. To “moonlight”. This is why unorthodox tactics may not be as terrifying as one’s knee-jerk reaction would assume.

Miryo’s moonlighting incident was not a random lapse in judgment by the young protagonist, but the result of the impossible situation into which he was suddenly put. Shigaraki was easily fending off any attacks that the heroes might attack on him, and had completed yet another transformation with his ingenious evolution. Neither the attacks of Suneter Nejire Hado nor any of the surviving heroes had any effect on the villain, and the situation was getting more dire than the other.

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To make matters worse, Shigaraki had begun completely ignoring Miryo on the battlefield. Mirio’s Permeation Quirk didn’t give him much attacking power, but it did allow him full abstract distraction while the other heroes unleashed more powerful attacks. Unfortunately, Shigaraki became savvy to this tactic and argued that since neither he nor Miryo were capable of hurting each other, the best course of action would be to just pretend that Miryo was at all. was not. He insults Miryo, tells the young protagonist that he now knows he has nothing, and focuses on stopping the Bakugo revival attempt.

Amidst all this, Mandalay increased the pressure on everyone with a strange request; Telepathically telling Shigaraki to keep the entire area fully occupied for two seconds as he needs to bring down the electromagnetic field around Yue for a period. Best Genist compared the two seconds fighting Shigaraki to Eternity, while desperately trying to keep him away from Bakugo with limited success. As every other hero in the UA was already taken out of commission and wouldn’t be able to help, in the heat of the moment, Miryo attempts a silly trick and finds it too ridiculous to ignore Shigaraki.

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Clearly he was right, and two seconds after Shigaraki escaped staring at Miryo’s sudden display, Daiku managed to pierce the temporarily dormant UA barrier. Miryo’s stunt was widely regarded as an attempt to make the reader laugh, but given his dry dad-like jokes and his history of long-running disability home Ministry Compatriots laugh, the incident of her moonlight falling flat on her face in chapter 366, may have been exactly the way she got to that event.

The whole idea of ​​Mirio becoming a hero originated from Sir Knighteye, who had a similar Unique Humour – emotion. In his moment of despair, when he felt worthless against Shigaraki, Miryo’s thoughts turned to Sir Knighteye’s prophecy that he would become a good hero. Contemplating what he could do to distract Shigaraki, Miryo automatically reverted to his own and his master’s strategy, placing humor first. Miryo’s moonlighting incident was hilarious in character, but ultimately a joke that was not intended to be taken as seriously as many My Hero Academia The fans did.


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