Men’s World Cup this fall to promote Blue Lock anime

Fall 2022 upcoming series blue lock Another random game might sound like an anime, but the hype it’s already building says otherwise. Based on a successful ongoing manga, the soccer series is highly anticipated by audiences – and may even get a boost for real-life athletics.

Debut in about a month, blue lock The premiere is just weeks away from the 2022 Men’s World Cup. This game can build synergy in turn blue lock Even more of an event, bringing even more of its anticipation and hype. Of course, this could also detract from the success of the series, which should turn “free advertising” into a foul.

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football anime blue lock premiere just before the world cup

Debuting in 2018 blue lock Rather an unconventional sports series. Its story actually includes the FIFA World Cup, in which Japan suffered a debilitating defeat. In response, the national team hired Ego Jinpachi to join the Blue Lock training system, which aims to make the unbeatable cockerel of a football striker. Those who fail to achieve this may never play professional football for Japan, meaning the 300 athletes selected to participate in the Blue Lock will be greatly reduced by the end of it. These stakes and the tone of the entire series are far more over the top than in many sports anime/manga, which is why it has become so popular.

for anime blue lock Being produced by Eight Bit, the series is scheduled to premiere in North America on October 8, 2022. It is a month before the real-life World Cup, which starts on November 20. let’s say blue lock There is a soccer anime that directly includes the World Cup, of course there is likely to be viewership overlap between the two. This especially considering that football is so popular around the world, including in Japan. This can further raise the rating for blue lock — but it can also stifle views of the series by interrupting them with the “real deal.”

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World Cup broadcast could help or hurt ratings for Blue Lock

A lot of anime fans are looking forward blue lock There are probably football fans too, which means they will be just as excited about the World Cup. Even those who haven’t read the series’ manga are looking forward to the anime adaptation, watching blue lock As a sort of “prequel” or informal partnership with real-world athletics. This could boost ratings even further as the series begins to intersect with actual football tournaments. Plus, the broadcast of the FIFA World Cup could take away a bit of the shine. blue lock,

As mentioned, there is likely to be some overlap between what people want to see blue lock And who wants to do the same for the World Cup. Watching the latter happen will probably take precedence, except to catch up with blue lock behind the burner. Eventually, their air time would also intersect, which could put the manga adaptation at a distinct disadvantage. Whichever side the ball rolls, blue lock In a situation unique to a sports anime, the cheers for the characters potentially sank to the real players.

blue lock Licensed by Crunchyroll, Simulcasting the anime from October 8 with the streaming service.


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