Managing a Novelist Alchemist

The Fall 2022 anime season is just around the corner, and there’s some fierce competition to see which titles will dominate. like a huge range My Hero Academia, spy x family, chainsaw value And bleach All season highlights are but humble, catchy anime like the upcoming Management of a novice alchemist Fully satisfied to have your say in favor.

Management of a novice alchemist Even though it didn’t become Anime of the Year, like its humble, hardworking heroine Sarasa Ford, this series Totally happy to set up shop in the shadow of those big anime titles and spread the joy to all fans who tune in for this fantasy adventure. Sometimes anime lovers need a break from blockbuster titles, where casual stories like novice alchemist come in.

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The plot and characters of the management of a novice alchemist

The two trailers for AniTV+ did a great job introducing curious anime fans to the world, characters, and basic plot of Management of a novice alchemist, Young Sarasa Ford’s hardworking parents died when she was young; He once ran an alchemist’s shop, which inspired Sarasa to follow in his footsteps. She may be an orphan, but her parents and their love of philanthropic alchemy are still with her, prompting Sarasa to enroll in an alchemist’s school.

Five years later, she’s graduated and already has some exciting — and challenging — work lined up. Sarasa’s life is now busier than ever, and she will need all her wit, alchemy material, and entrepreneurial skills to succeed as a professional alchemist in the real world. Her adventures are just beginning, as any real-life bachelor would know all too well.

Sarasa finds herself working at a remote, run-down alchemist’s shop, and it’s her job to fix it and make it successful and profitable. It’s a challenge like no other, and Sarsa isn’t sure she’s up for it, but this shrewd young lady will give it her best shot. She also has friends to support her, including the charming Loriya, sword-wielding warrior Saori Onishi and expert archer Nanaka Suwa, among others. He also has experienced alchemist Ophelia Bill to guide him as a master, and apprentice Sarasa has much to learn from him. With any luck, hardworking, optimistic alchemist apprentice Sarasa can start her own business, prove her worth, and fly as a successful shop owner.

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Where to see the novice alchemist’s management?

upcoming anime Management of a novice alchemist It is slated to hit the screens on October 3rd, making it one of the first Fall 2022 series to air. Produced by studio ENGI and Kadokawa, the anime will be shown in the West through streaming giant Crunchyroll.

Fans may also note that neither the original light novel nor the manga adaptation are yet available in English, so Management of a novice alchemist For now only anime. That said, it is certainly in good hands with director Hiroshi Ikehata, who also directed the rom-com titled Tonikawa: Over the Moon for YouWith music by Shigeru Murakoshi, who composed the beloved OST Zombie Land Saga,


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