Made Is Mysterious Episode 8 presents Tsunder Made Natsume

true to its title, The maid I hired recently is mysterious Summer is a catchy rom-com anime title of the 2022 season, starring the beloved maid Lilith and her young boss, the blonde boy Yuri. Lilith just appeared one day, ready to work in Yuri’s mansion, and Yuri, the ever vigilant orphan, determined to unravel Lilith’s secrets.

Yuri’s life is already busy at the hands of the kind maid Lilith, and it’s not easy for Yuri to process his feelings for her or determine what really sets their relationship apart from that of the boss/employee. Then, in episode 8, another maid named Natsume arrives, and she demands that Lilith leave with her and return to where they came from. Yuri will not stand for this, and most likely, neither will Lilith.

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In Episode 8, Yuri and Lilith take their relationship to the next level. In the previous episode, the two of them had already become very close, as Lilith attended Yuri’s school sports festival as her unofficial foster mother. Then there was the time Lilith mentioned a letter demanding her return home, and Yuri warmly objected to Lilith’s idea of ​​leaving the mansion and quitting her job. It all culminates in the love confession scene of Episode 8, in which Yuri tells Lilith how much he loves her and everything about her. It’s an innocent and healthy scene, but when another maid arrives, words barely come out of Yuri’s mouth, and she is not amused. This is Natsume, and by virtue of her stoic words and sharp teeth, she’s a classic tsundere maid with no time for games.

The episode ends on a cliff with the arrival of Natsume, but already, some basic facts are clear, and anime fans can make some informed guesses on what might happen next for these three characters. Most likely, associated with Natsume who sent Lilith the “come back home” letters, or indeed, Natsume himself may have written and sent them. Perhaps Natsume and Lilith were once co-workers, serving as maids for the same estate, and Lilith was just a day before Natsume realized what was going on. Whatever the case, Natsume is definitely more loyal to his employer than Lilith, and Natsume doesn’t seem to care that Lilith is more than happy working for Yuri instead. No doubt Natsume will be a major obstacle in Yuri/Lilith’s budding friendship.

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Natsume, as a new character in the maid is mysterious The anime, in this setting, can shed some light not only on its employer but also on the maid industry. With excitement, maid The anime blends modern Japanese life with Edwardian England, with features such as Yuri and Tsukasa’s school uniforms, maidservants, the beauty of each mansion and the exquisite food that Lilith prepares for Yuri. This somewhat fanciful setting is a creative one where aesthetics and style come first, and there is certainly more to discover. Primarily, is Lilith a normal maidservant in this England-in-Japan setting, or is she evil while Fujisaki and Natsume are the norm? Is Lilith a troublemaker by most maid standards? She appears to be, but that’s what makes her so funny. Lilith may be a domestic servant, but she will still stand up for herself and her desires.

Given the healthy nature of the anime, it is unlikely that Natsume would be a threat to Yuri and Lilith, and it is also unlikely that Lilith would pay a serious price for her actions. She may be a wicked maid who bends the rules of her industry, but is like in anime the maid is mysteriousHeroes like Yuri and Lilith can usually talk about getting out of trouble and conquering people with the power of friendship. Often, Sundar-style characters like Natsume can also be won over and eventually join the main cast of anime’s loyal friends. Rarely are characters bitter enemies in innocent series like maid, There’s no doubt that Natsume will be sticking to his guns for a while in episodes 9, 10 or so, leaving only his heart out for Yuri and/or Lilith or even Tsukasa. to change mind. If Fujisaki can be Lilith’s witty, sharp-tongued Tsunder friend, Natsume may soon be joining the club.


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