Lycoris Recoil’s Yoshimatsu is among the most brutal anime villains of 2022

The following contains spoilers for Lycoris Recall episode 12, “Nature vs. Nurture,” which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

licorice recoilOf Shinji Yoshimatsu has become perhaps the series’ most hated character. in the world of licorice recoilThe mysterious “Allen Institute” offers medals and financial aid to people with extraordinary abilities. These include “licorice” agent Chisato Nishikigi, who would be the best assassin in the world – if he had not chosen non-lethal methods. Yoshimatsu is the representative of the Allen Institute that gave Chisato her medal, and she believes that she is wasting her gifts by using them to help rather than hurt people.

several licorice recoil Fans already hated Yoshimatsu when he allowed his assistant Himegama to deliberately sabotage Chisato’s artificial heart, but episode 12 of the anime showed that he was able to sink to even less depth. Hacker Kurumi uses his near-sci-fi computer skills to track down another heart, which Yoshimatsu had secured for Chisato, and Chisato and his partner, Takina Inoue, confront him at the old radio tower. He then reveals that his heart has implanted itself, meaning that if Chisato wants to live, he must break his rule and kill him.

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Yoshimatsu will go to the extreme to try and turn Chisato into an assassin.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Yoshimatsu is bluffing because it would contradict his motivations. It’s clear that he’s not lying to get Chisato’s heart, so she can live to kill again. If the heart was still in the briefcase – as Kurumi initially thought – it would be an unnecessary complication of Yoshimatsu’s twisted plan as Himegama would have to tell Chisato about it after he died. Not only that, but the discovery that Yoshimatsu didn’t really need to die to get the heart might have made Chisato feel even more strongly that the killing was unnecessary – the opposite of what Yoshimatsu wants.

If Yoshimatsu has indeed replaced his heart with an artificial heart, however, it draws attention to the silly extremes he is willing to take to implement his single-minded plans for Chisato’s future. Yoshimatsu replaced his fully functional human heart with an artificial heart that, as he explained in episode 9, could only sustain a person for so many years, even if it was not sabotaged. If he failed and couldn’t get Chisato to kill him, which he really couldn’t, he knew it would still cut his life expectancy by more than half. Yoshimatsu’s obsession with getting Chisato to use his skills the way he sees fit was already unmistakable, but this sacrifice makes it seem even more irrational.

Chisato stopped a desperate Takina, who tried to shoot Yoshimatsu himself, and said, “If you can’t do that, I will.” This shows how Chisato is unwilling to accept any shortcomings in her philosophy to get what she wants. She wants to share her ideals, and the way in which Takina non-lethally detains Majima in the opening scenes of the episode shows just how bad Chisato’s ways were. However, other episodes implied that Chisato does not necessarily allow Direct Attack to lead to his deadly way of doing business, for example by being friendly with other Lycoris agents. Perhaps she reacted so strongly to the matter because she felt that she would be indirectly responsible.

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Yoshimatsu’s brutality pushes Chisato to his emotional limits

Chisato’s Vision licorice recoil It seems to have evolved in other ways as well. Intimidating Takina, Yoshimatsu eventually gives Chisato a real shot, albeit non-lethal in the chest. At this even Chisato cried in agony, which may sound surprising, given that even his own non-lethal ammunition is not painless. However, it’s possible that Chisato may have become so frustrated because he hurt the “savior” who gave him an artificial heart so many years ago, even without knowing how much it had hurt him.

This is related to the other way in which Yoshimatsu lost sympathy in episode 12. When he tried to persuade Chisato to finish the job, he said, “I hate you, Mr. Yoshi.” The way Chisato looked at her, her expression changed, revealing how the thought of hating her reluctantly appeared in her mind, and then how she couldn’t deny that it was true. Chisato was so fond of giving his “savior” that he could become another father to her like Mika, but Yoshimatsu threw that opportunity out.

Ultimately, Chisato holds Takena back as Yoshimatsu and Himegama flee. In a later scene, Chisato insists on reluctant fellow Licoris agent Fuki Harukawa to provide his non-lethal ways, showing that his resolve had not wavered even after this much trial. licorice recoil One might celebrate Chisato’s forgiving personality, but even so, a redemption arc is unlikely in Yoshimatsu’s future, following the meaningless brutality displayed in Episode 12.

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