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Chapter 732. recap of
Beginning Kingdom Chapter 732, Qin’s warriors announce that they have successfully captured Xian. It was not long until the flags were flying over the palace. Word came that the entire army, including the right wing, had surrendered. Unfortunately for Dan Yu San, the Qin men noticed that he was not opening his eyes. They all cried despite the fear of losing him. Shin sees the arrival of members of the Saki clan carrying Den Yu’s body.

He refused to do what he was told and demanded to be let go. Nevertheless, they were able to convince Shin that he had sufficient training to deal with wounded personnel. Dan Yu was quickly transferred to an adjacent chamber where he was treated with both true and false drugs. As the chapter ended, Shin told the chief of the Saki clan that they had won, but the entire Zhao army was spared.

Kingdom Chapter 733: Spoiler
In the closing panel of the previous chapter, it was clear that Saki was trying to convey to Shin the idea that all of Kaneki’s actions had profound significance. There was already deep meaning in his plans when he joined the Saki clan. As a result, Kanki’s backstory should wrap up in Kingdom Chapter 733.

To join the Saki clan, he came to the forest when he was just a little boy. However, much had changed in this community before his arrival. When Kanki introduced him to the upper class, he became famous immediately. Kanki’s works have been hidden from the readers for the last three chapters. It is likely that in the next episode he will tell us about his background. Apart from this, Riboku is also expected to come.

The latest chapter has stunned the internet as early translations have been released. Almost immediately after the chapter’s opening, the Qin army conquered Zhao. Shortly after the start of their attack, Zhao’s soldiers realized themselves that they were doomed to fail in their attempt to retake the palace. When the Qin soldiers arrived, they quickly left the area.

Many viewers are curious about the whereabouts of Kanki Sena at the moment. Thus, chapter 733 of the state has all the relevant information. Fans will finally know what the people of Kanki are up to in the next plot arc. The people of the Zhao clan have fled the palace and will most likely seek refuge in a nearby forest. They hope to find Kanki’s hidden army here.

kingdom 733 release date
As of this writing, there has been no announced delay in the publication of this chapter. There is still a lot of action in the next conflict, as the early translations suggest. This weekend, September 18, 2022, you can read State Chapter 733. The only place for fans to read the manga is on Kodansha’s official website.

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