[latest] Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 397.1 Storyline, Raw Scans, New Spoilers Leaked Online

Recap of previous chapter
At the beginning of the previous chapter of Tales of Demons and Gods, Nee was found near the Jade Wall. The general consensus was that Nie could not understand the markings. Even more so, he labeled her as ambiguous after she began to violate Ni’s text. To counter this, Ni breaks the crystal jade barrier and enters the structure. Shock was felt throughout the hall, and everyone made a dash for the wall.

The Wall responded with lightning strikes, however. After that, no one else made a second attempt to measure the jade barrier. Xiao Yu was upset when Ni left. He felt insecure about the disparity in power between himself and Ni. However, his personal decline accelerated his growth and led to a rise in levels. Soon the truth of this incident may come out.

Chapter 397.1 “The Tale of Demons and Gods”: Spoilers and Speculations
Ni Lee’s secret will be revealed in Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 397.1. He’ll explain how to decipher the markings on the Crystal Jade Barrier. There will be a one-to-death battle for the loot between Ni and the Demon Lord. After Ni obtains the wealth, he plans to destroy the Demon Lord.

After breaking the Jade Wall, Ni can also move towards divinity. Xiao Yu’s physical appearance is going through a dramatic change. Certain abilities accelerate his development and help him reach his full potential. However, these forces set him on the path of sacrificing his demon blood. He’s gone past levels 8, and 9 so much that it’s not even funny. In addition, his soul is evolving into a deity so that he can attain divine abilities. In the next chapter, the truth about these hidden abilities may come to the fore.

Date of Publication of Stories of Demons and Gods Chapter 397.1
You can read the latest chapter of the stories of demons and gods on September 17, 2022. Also, the next chapter of Manav will take an unexpected turn. On Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage, you can read it for free!

The upcoming chapter 397.1 promises to be really intriguing. In the next episode of Human, Nee and the Demon Lord can finally meet for the first time. However, the last chapter of Xiao Yu was the most surprising to readers. He has developed Destiny 8 and Destiny 9 aura. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the two unusual ages in the cultivation of jiao. The upcoming chapter of Manhwa is Showdown.

Ni and the Demon Lord may have to go to war, to find the wealth hidden beyond the wall of Crystal Jade. In the early stages, the two held onto what was being said. There must be some mystery behind this, and I hope to learn it in future episodes. Also, in the next chapter the Ni Li crystal may come out of the J Wall.

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