[Latest] Spoiler Summary, Leaked, Raw Scans for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 Released Online

Spoilers for the next chapter of Tokyo Revengers have been posted online, and they suggest that the chapter will continue the original timeline flashbacks that began in the previous chapter. The issue takes place after a time leap of several (but not stated) years, and we find Baji and Haruchio as young adults. The fanbase has gone three weeks without spoilers since the scandal involving leakers goat Pepito and Mina. As a result, everyone is pleasantly surprised by the sudden revelation of a Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 raw scan, especially because it involves Keisuke’s bet.

Tokyo Avenger Chapter 270. spoiler for
Mickey’s original timeline saw him crash a toy plane by his uncle Shinichiro in the previous chapter. Thus, he never formed the Tokyo Manji Gang, and Kazutora never got a chance to assassinate Shinichiro because he was in a coma for a long time. Mickey, now a middle school student, was still unresponsive after the chapter ended.

Tokyo Avenger – Chapter 270 – Raw Scan
The next chapter of Tokyo Revengers is titled “Worth My Wile” and appears to maintain the canonical timeline. As shown in the RAW scan, Baji is here in his teens and looks like a far more criminal than in the canon timeline, when he was the same age, and he lands in a car with Shinichiro to pick up a car. were going. Passenger. Since he is said to have harmed Baji’s partner with a katana, Baji asks Shinichiro why they bothered to take him. Haruchio Sanju is also visible in raw scans, however, lacking the distinctive facial markings seen in his other depictions. The images also show Wakasa looking wilder, and she has a tattoo she didn’t have in the official deadline.

There are raw scans of Tokyo Revengers chapter 270 online, and in them, Baji’s hair is of two different colors. He doesn’t seem to have put as much effort into disguising himself as a model student in this timeline as he did in canon. In this scenario, the Tokyo Manji Gang did not form, so Baji may never have met Chifuyu or Kazutora. Because of this, his life and the way his two peers influenced him have diverged significantly from the official timetable. Also, Haruchio has had a separate existence. Presumably the teenager carrying the katana to the prison is Haruchio, which Baji and Shinichiro will be picking up.

Given that the young man has not been identified by name in the spoiler, it is unknown whether he has retained the surname Akashi or adopted the alias Sanju. Since there was no reason to dislike Mickey in the original time frame, the former is more likely. After his later release from juvenile prison, as Chifuyu had done with Kazutora, Shinichiro would go to pick up Haruchiyo. When thinking of analogies, Izana’s position also comes to mind. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed what exactly triggered Shinichiro, fans have always suspected Wakasa. Raw images from Tokyo Revengers chapter 270 show him, crediting this theory.

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