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Tokyo Revenger Chapter 270. release schedule for
At the time of this writing, there has been no specified delay in the publication of this chapter. Followers will have enough time to read all the chapters before release. Chapter 270 of Tokyo Revengers is scheduled for publication on September 21, 2022. You can only get the latest chapters of this manga on the official Kodansha web pages.

It’s true that everyone involved in the time-jumping set out to protect Manjiro, but they made some mistakes along the way. The plot has taken a definite turn in two directions, beginning with the pivotal event that prompted Mickey’s transformation. As of this week, a definitive release date has been set for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270. The second time the traveler was hinted at in the last chapter.

However, many secrets will be revealed. The complete rundown is provided here. Ahead, readers will get Mickey’s perspective on what happened. His furious anger caused an accident that could not be undone. And this is where you will learn about time travel for the first time.

Chapter 269. recap of
On the first page of Chapter 269 of Tokyo Revenger, Mickey tells the story of the Repeat Jumper. The truth about Shinichiro was promised in the first panel of the chapter. So, Mickey and his brother’s friends go on a gang ride. This was the first historical record that was not changed. At the same time, the original Black Dragon generation was broken. But Shinichiro always believed that his younger brother would one day prove to be an even more capable leader.

Then he decided to surprise him by buying a plane. But he heard that his brother was injured after falling a few steps down. Now, Manjiro Sano was in a coma for a very long time, and he was completely unable to control his body.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270: Expectations and spoilers
Based on the last panel of the previous chapter, this is one of the most painful periods of Mickey’s life. Additionally, he was in a position to have no idea how to make amends for his actions in this initial timeline. So, the saga of the Sano brothers will continue in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270. In all likelihood, Shinichiro won’t learn about time-leaping until he learns that his brother needs help.

Manjiro is almost in middle school, but he hasn’t mastered even the most basic skills like hanging out with his friends. Miki and Shinichiro have not yet appeared in the manga. And maybe just as they’re shaking hands, they’ll know about time travel. Like Takemichi before him, this man will be transported back to an era when the world could still be saved.

Miki’s older brother Shinichiro Sano is currently the center of attention in the Tokyo Revengers manga. As more details emerge in later chapters, readers are counting on Ken Wakui to skillfully weave them all together. Fan reactions to the spoiler for the next chapter can be seen on Twitter. Revealed information suggests that the next chapter of Tokyo Revengers will focus on a select group of characters who played important roles in Shinichiro Sano’s life.

Worse yet, they are worried about Wakasa, a friend of Shinichiro Sano and a founding member of Black Dragon. Let us find out why people are worried about this character and how their concerns are related to the show. This page contains enough Tokyo Revengers manga spoilers. Based on the released spoiler photos, the article makes some assumptions about future events.

Wakasa may have been thrown to hell in Tokyo Revengers
Shinichiro Sano was very close to Wakasa Imushi. At the time of the group’s founding, he was already serving as the head of the Black Dragons commando unit. However, due to Mickey’s accident-induced sleeplessness, Shinichiro opts for time-travel. Mickey’s life may have been easier with their help, but the future would have been very different if he hadn’t intervened. When we consider time-leaping or time-travel in general, we find that this phenomenon occurs frequently. When Takemichi initially begins to leap, he is seen slowly turning to the past in the hope of saving Hina.

However, it was because of this that we witnessed Akane’s transformation into evil and developed a healthy fear of Kisaki Tetta. Wakasa Emushi has tattoos, as shown above, and his eyes look dead. Fans worry that Shinichiro’s habit of jumping over time may have negatively affected Wakasa. Wakasa’s chest tattoo is similar to that of Benkei, an interesting visual parallel. They may once be opposites, but thanks to Shinichiro Sano, they are now best friends.

It’s likely that Shinichiro’s time travel led to Benkei’s untimely death, and Wakasa received a similar tattoo to honor his closest friend in Tokyo Revengeers. In the next episode, it could be one of the unfortunate events that happened to Wakasa. Wakasa must have become so corrupt that he smokes with lifeless eyes and commits violent acts, as evidenced by his lifestyle of choice. Wakasa accepts his bad urges, adopting the same facial expressions as Mickey’s in those moments.

Using Mickey as a comparison suggests that Wakasa may have met the same fate as Mickey in the original timeline. Wakasa would have been destroyed in the original time frame as well. What happens next in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 is definitely something to look forward to. In order to save Miki’s life, Shinichiro influences many others. There was a price to be paid, however, and the next section will detail the effects of his time travel on the lives of those around him.

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