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When will the overlord season 4 episode 12 be available?
We now know that the release date of Overlord Episode 12 from Season 4 will be September 20, 2022. But there’s no word on holdups or any sort of pause this week. With any luck, the next episode of the anime will come out when it’s supposed to. Having additional formidable creatures on display in the next episode will greatly increase audience interest. You can watch the episode on Crunchyroll.

When Season 4 of Overlord ends with Episode 12, it’s possible that the Sorcerer King and other legendary creatures may engage in a full-scale battle. In terms of action, the previous chapter was the complete shebang. The fight against Albedo gave spectators another chance to marvel at Red Armor’s combat prowess. Additionally, a major player entered the fight to save the human race. The Mighty Dragon Lord tests the limits of the Sorcerer King’s magic.

To be sure, the Sorcerer King has safeguards in place to ensure his safety. The future ambitions of Ains Oul Gown may be exposed in the coming episodes. The Dragon Lord is not nave enough to assume that Ains is playing the role of Pandora. A light bulb will pop out in his head and he will realize that his fight in the previous episode was not against the Sorcerer King. He can also vent his full fury on the sorcerer king. Without challenging Ains’ authority, the dragon would be unable to defend the area.

episode 11 recap
In the opening minutes of episode 11, the Emperor of Re-Estees manages to escape. However, the king continued to stay behind the royal walls. The action then turned to the planets of Ains and Albedo. Their next target would be the kingdom of Re-Estees, and they were preparing to attack. However, the Sorcerer King was suddenly confronted by the red armor Azuth. Yet Albedo boldly proceeded to strike Azuth. But Ains was unaware that there was another fighter behind him.

To add insult to injury, this was no ordinary combatant. The forging of the domain’s isolation wall began with this Platinum Armored Warrior. So Ains got stuck behind the wall. They got into a heated argument. Nevertheless, Albedo managed to cross just before the finish line. In the end, it is revealed that Ains was actually Pandora’s actor in the field. Thus, the Dragon Lord has miscalculated the true source of power.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 12: Spoilers and Expectations
Depending on how things go, the Dragon Lord’s identity may be revealed in Overlord Season 4 Episode 12. Since Ains is also a supernatural being, he may be aware of the existence of the Dragon Lord. However, the next episode could go in a very different direction. It won’t take long for the Great Dragon Lord to no longer be in the shadows.

In the previous episode of the anime, he gave his opinion on Pandora’s acting performance. As expected, the Dragon Lord will assemble an army to oppose the Sorcerer King. Furthermore, the conflict has shifted to the pit of mankind against the Sorcerer King. Misconceptions have spread throughout the society about the true intentions of the Sorcerer King. In the next episode, Ains may have to fight the Dragon Lord on his own.

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