Kengan Ashura Unveils Poster for Season Two

It is difficult to argue against the notion that Netflix is stepping up its anime offerings given its key exclusives, which include, to name a few, Baki Hanma, Vampire in the Garden, and Kakegurui. As the popularity of anime grows, it should not be surprising that popular shows will be renewed for new seasons. Kengan Ashura, a fighting anime, just unveiled a brand-new poster for its upcoming Second Season.

For those who may not be aware of the tale of Tokita Ohma, Kengan Ashura shares a number of similarities with the tale of Baki The Grappler, both of which center on enormous men settling disputes with their fists rather than energy blasts or spirit weapons. What makes Ashura unique is that each fighter often represents a significant firm in their fights, and the results of those fights determine the future of corporate takeovers and boardroom decisions. The manga version of the series made its debut in 2012 from creators Yabako Sandrovich and Daromeon, and a follow-up series called Kengan Omega followed in 2013.

Thanks to a partnership between Netflix and Larx Entertainment, the company behind the newly released Tekken: Bloodline, the anime adaptation’s first season with 24 episodes debuted in 2019.

The new Kengan Ashura season two poster was released by Netflix Anime’s official Twitter account, and it features Tokita Ohma and Kazuo Yamashita, Tokita’s manager and an older salaryman who draws inspiration from the blood and bone he sees shed during Ashura’s battles:

If you haven’t had a chance to see this intense anime, you may currently do so on Netflix. The streaming site provides the following official description:

“Ohma Tokita enters a secret society where cruel gladiator fights are used to settle business conflicts. Forget the cash; all he wants is to battle and prevail.”

The return of Kengan Ashura has no set release date, but when it does return to Netflix, viewers can expect lots more violent bouts that end in blood.


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