Kanna and Shu fight over Byron City

The following includes spoilers for episode 12 of Engage Kiss, “Believe in Him,” which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Engage Kiss is a thrilling action/adventure anime that made its debut in the Summer 2022 anime season, and now, the story has reached its dramatic, action-packed climax. In episode 11, Ogata Kanna, Shu’s younger half-demon sister, emerges from the offshore mine with Asmodeus guiding her, and in episode 12, the fight resumes.

However, it is not such a straightforward matter. Byron City’s cyberpunk-style government, the AAA Demon Destruction Company, Kisara, Shu, and even Sharon are the best alliance of all, and they all have different priorities and interests in this final battle. In fact, Shu and Kiara aren’t even on the same page, and Kiara is left in the dust.

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At first, it looked like half-demon Kiara would bravely fight Asmodeus and Kanna as an elite warrior, but episode 12 soon turns that idea on its head. Shu learns that he has been tricked: Kiara never consumes his memories to increase her power; Instead, he sacrificed himself to protect Shu’s precious memories. Now that Kiara returns all the memories of Shu’s theft, as well as some of her own, Kiara can’t remember anything – not even her own name. For now, Kiara isn’t in shape to fight, so Shu promises to defeat Asmodeus and Kanna in her place, with all of her friends and allies supporting her. Kiara has no choice but to agree, which puts Shue back in the limelight as an action star. After all, this fight is personal to them.

Episode 12 then begins the second round of the Battle for Byron City, in which the powerful, S-ranked quasi-demon Kanna faces many of Byron City’s defenders, from military forces to Ayano, Shu and Sharon the Battle Nun. until. Kanna shows her true strength in this fight, taking minimal damage and easily capturing all her assembled enemies. Halfway through the desperate fight, Shu arrives on a high-tech flying skateboard, holding Kisara’s sword himself. Shu is determined to be at peace with Kiara and Kanna, but only when he seals Kanna once again to protect the city. At the same time, Kanna’s intentions also come to the fore.

As a sealed demon child, Kanna becomes emotionally underdeveloped, and she also has all the memories of Shu’s sleeping with various women. The result is an angry, jealous little sister who can’t “share” her brother with those other girls, which means Kanna has a twisted brother complicated. For this reason, Kanna shows no mercy to Ayano and Sharon, who “compete” for Shu’s heart. Obviously, this fight is a personal fight between the two Ogata siblings. Kanna is not a heartless demon; He has feelings, but they are demonic and lead him to commit violent, selfish acts.

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Episode 12 ends with the fight still on, and as the episode draws to a close, Kanna gets the edge. Shu fights back with all his might, but Kanna inflicts a severe blow on his warrior brother, and it seems that no one can help him. only one episode Engage Kiss This multidimensional conflict remains to be resolved, and anything can happen. Engage Kiss Can show his true bright colors and portray Shu rallying with the power of friendship and family love, gaining a second wind to defeat Kanna and drive her away once again. Alternatively, maybe Kanna kills herself in the process, or even wants to die to end her suffering. She was born a half-demon, and her father is dead while her brother continues to pursue other women. If Kanna can’t have things, she probably doesn’t want to live this life at all.

by this Engage Kiss Ends on a pretty serious note, but whatever the hijinks of the rom-com early episodes, this anime was bound to be dark eventually. These characters are primarily defined by grief, heartbreak, tragedy and loss, and all that gives the story some real substance and stakes, not to mention the emotional impact. If the story can kill Shue’s demonically foster father Miles Morgan, it can kill Kanna too, proving that with demons, one never gets a happy ending. Shu has a habit of paying a hefty price for electricity, but this time, he may have to bear his biggest loss to restore peace. In the coming episode 13, at least he has friends like Ayano to comfort him.


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