Kamen Rider Excels Face of the Scream Dopant

The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of Futo Pi, “A Chain of Malice,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Shotaro and Philip, a mystery-solving and dopant-fighting duo, are met with an unexpected threat as they work to uncover the identity of the murdered alcoholic dopant. futo piEpisode 8. To end the alcohol dopant case, Philip seeks help from Terui, who arrives just in time to stop a surprising rival with his Kamen Rider Axel transformation. Aya Riders Fans are waiting.

With the previous episode claiming their first victim of an alcohol dopant, Episode 8 follows Shotaro and Philip working to uncover the mystery behind the murder, before the already unusual bride-selection ritual is another one. also takes a fatal turn. However, the pair encounter a second victim, suggesting that the case involves a serial killer, who will stop at nothing until he earns Kuya Kagamino’s hand in marriage as the final bride candidate. Take it When Philip solves the case, he learns that he has a far greater danger on his hands than alcohol dopants.

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Finding the Killer: Who Is the Alcohol Dopant?

Based on the nature of the bride-selection ritual, the competing personalities involved and the previous episode’s victim being one of the four bride candidates, it seems likely that the alcohol dopant and murderer will be one of the remaining three candidates at the beginning of the episode. . 8. When Shotaro and Philip meet Kei Arito in the hall, she mentions that she will do anything to win. This statement, along with his fight with the deceased Koyomi Zaizen, establishes Kei as a possible suspect. However, when Shotaro and Philip find Kei dead in the bath, he is left with the other two as their suspects.

The nature of Kei’s death does not sit well with Philip’s, as it is far more clear than Koyomi’s death. Although the discovery of Kurumi Namba’s body and the absence from Kanna Kubokura’s subsequent meeting both serve as red herrings, Philip and Shotaro plan a sting that turns the mystery to a head. While apprehending Kurumi in an attempt to use the alcohol memory, Philip reveals that there are several users of the alcohol memory. Koyomi and Kei both died of alcohol poisoning after being converted to an alcohol dopant, although Kei is initially more resistant due to his high alcohol tolerance, mutilating Koyomi’s corpse and fighting Kamen Rider W.

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All four bride candidates are for use of alcohol memory and were unintentionally injected ports by third parties. There are no homicides in the bride candidates, as the two who died were only victims of alcohol poisoning as a result of alcohol memory use. However, the conclusion of the case begs an important question: why were women tempted into the bride-selection ritual to make utensils only to commemorate the wine?

As Philip suggests, human experimentation appears to be the underlying purpose. With Yukiji present at Bando’s mansion during these events, the audience is safe to conclude that he is working with the Kagamino family and use their rituals to organize a trial involving their dopant city plans. are doing. Philip also mentions that the alcohol memory appears to be produced by an entity known as the Museum. After Shotaro and Philip dissect the case, the alcoholic memory is recalled to the unknown primary user, most likely Kuya or Kiku Kagamino. Yukiji’s intentions for the ritual use of alcohol dopants as well as the Kagamino family’s association with Yukiji and alcohol memory, and possible involvement with the museum will be revealed during the upcoming episodes.

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A New Threat Appears: Shout Dopant and Mastermind

Earlier in the case, Philip calls Terui for backup, who heads to the mountains with Tokime and Narumi. when they arrive, Aya Riders Fans are believed to be in for a change anime adaptation has been hinting at for the past few episodes. Terui takes out the Transformation Belt Axeldriver and becomes Kamen Rider Axel in a wonderfully animated transformation scene. As Axel, Terui can transform into a rideable bike as well as use his form to fight with a powerful blade.

Terui appears as Axel over time as Shotaro and Philip are swarmed by strange humanoid creatures, whom Terui identifies as the museum’s dopant operatives known as the Masquerades. Although he takes them out in a jiffy, a much greater threat appears: the Scream Dopant, who was previewed at the end of Episode 6 as one of Aurora Dopant’s formidable Dopant allies. As Shotaro, Philip and Tokime return to the mansion. To get behind the mastermind of his case, Kamen Rider Axel continues to make excuses and confronts the formidable Scream dopant.

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Although Kamen Rider W does not appear in this episode, fans are gifted with a spectacular fight scene between Kamen Rider Axel and Scream Dopant. To counter Scream’s debilitating powers, Axel changes gears to AxelTrail. This form variant gives Axel increased speed, which allows him to overtake the sound of the dopant’s screams, making him a perfect match against the screeching dopant. The fight sequences will continue into next week’s episode, and fans can expect to see Extraordinary’s Maximum Drive.

Ending on a cliff, Episode 8 appears to be the first true encounter between Shotaro and Yukiji Bando. While this episode uncovers the mystery behind the previous episode’s murder, vague hints about the motives behind the incident as well as the presence of the Scream dopant suggest that Shotaro and Philip are drawing closer to the center of Yukiji’s plans. .


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