Jinka and Gluna have their own version of Inuyasha’s Wrinkle Jewel

Weekly Shonen Jump Recently a new title has been added to its lineup, Ginka and Glunas, The story’s eponymous leads are two powerful wizards, a snowman and his witch apprentice. They are currently on a quest to find and restore the fragments of Jinka’s original body.

It sounds like a neat story, but it also seems like a lot of inuyasha initial basis. Shikon was its eponymous protagonist of that series and Kagome travels across Japan in search of the Jewel Shards. If Ginka and Glunas keeps matching Inuyasha, Then it can give a general idea of ​​where the story is going.

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To get started, here’s how to search Ginka and Glunas known to be known. A long time ago, Jinka was a powerful wizard, but his body was stolen, and he was forced to live out the rest of his days as a snowman. While in the mountains, he meets Gluna and trains her to become a powerful wizard in her own right. She uses her magic to help Jinka survive the hot climate and they begin their quest to restore Jinka’s body.

In Chapter 2, “Dragon Slaying”, it is revealed that Jinka’s body has been split into several pieces. These pieces are embedded in magical creatures like dragons and give them immense power. If Jinka wants his entire body back, he and Gluna will probably have to fight several demons and other powerful enemies to retrieve them.

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Similar discoveries lead Inuyasha’s main cast to move on their The adventure series begins with the disintegration of the Shikon Jewel and the disintegration of Feudal Era Japan. Many of them are embedded in the evil yokai and give them immense power. It’s up to the main cast before Naraku can reassemble the jewel for himself and gain ultimate power.

considering that Ginka and Glunas like it even more Inuyasha, Many things can be expected as the story progresses. Naturally, the two leads must fight off a number of powerful enemies in order to retrieve individual body parts; This can mean magical creatures like dragons, but it can also mean that evil sorcerers want to capitalize on Jinka’s power. They may also run into people who want to use Ginka’s power for good, which would lead to a moral puzzle about whether they should take the piece back. They’ll probably even make some friends who will join them on their journey and help with increasingly difficult challenges. It may turn out that Jinka and the sorcerer who stole her body are related, perhaps even by blood. There are so many potential plot threads that could turn straight into something Inuyasha.

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Another possible way to think about all of this is how modern this could actually be. Shonen Jump trend. It feels great to collect body parts that were once powerful chainsaw mens gun devil or Jujutsu Cassen’s Relax. His moments of deep contemplation and his unshakeable expression are also reminiscent of corrosence. murder class. If Ginka and Glunas If the series ends like one of these, it can take a dark turn and reveal that Jinka is the final villain of the series. Given the fairly light tone of the first two chapters, hopefully that won’t be the case.

In any case, Ginka and Glunas Promises to be an enjoyable read in itself. The characters, action, world-building and sense of wonder are all top-notch. until it borrows very much from Inuyasha and other series, it has the potential to be a modern classic.


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